Freeride and freestyle mountain biking: French riders set the Audi Nines on fire

In the large family of mountain biking, freeride and freestyle continue to be emulated. And the French have thus shone at the Audi Nines in these high-flying disciplines.

Cthis year, the Audi Nines took place from September 7 to 12 in Germany at Bikepark Idarkopf. The public was unfortunately not physically present for lack of Covid, but the LiveStream set up was a real success and allowed spectators to shudder at the exploits of the riders. The Big Air, Freeride and Slopestyle sessions were all broadcast online. On the program, steep slopes, tight turns and dizzying jumps. The courses and obstacles set up for this unmissable event were a great playground for athletes looking for challenges and adrenaline.

The Audi Nines are indeed well known for the possible range of personal or world 'firsts', and for impressive stunts and tricks. The French were therefore no exception to the rule. Antoine Bizet et Paul Couderc have distinguished themselves by each achieving a world first. A third French has distinguished himself in the former German career this weekend. Thomas Lemoine made his first no hand double flip.

Paul Couderc's Foot Plant Flip

Made from a platform, the figure of Paul was acclaimed.

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Audi Nines: Antoine Bizet's Big Bike Opo Cashroll

He had to do it several times to succeed in the opposite, this 180 followed by a backflip and another 180. Antoine finally did achieve the first opposite cashroll on downhill.

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The Double Flip No Hand by Tomas Lemoine

Personal victory for Tomas with the execution of this figure which requires to chain two rotations before without hands!

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And for your viewing pleasure, don't miss the official video Best Freeride Lines, retracing the most beautiful 2020 courses of the stars of the discipline, Nico Scholze, Clemens Kaudela, Adolf Silva, Emil Johansson, and Bienvenido Aguado Alba. The breathtaking images taken by the drone pilots allow you to experience the thrill of the downhills intensely.