Ciné Montagne Meetings: Watch the films for free!

The health crisis continues to undermine sporting and cultural events. Covid obliges, the 22nd Rencontres Ciné Montagne therefore had to adapt. Much of the program has been canceled, but the films will eventually be shown for free every night on and

Cevery year, mountain films are honored as part of the Rencontres Ciné Montagne. This event is considered the most important of its kind in Europe. It welcomes 20 spectators each year. But for this 000 edition, physical distancing did not allow them to take place once again at the Palais des Sports in Grenoble. From November 2020 to 3, the films were therefore screened in free access every evening at 7:20 p.m.

“The event is reinventing itself with new health measures. Enjoy 5 beautiful mountain cinema evenings for free from your home! "

Four themes are honored within the framework of this festival. After the 4 films of the opening night, this is the theme Want from here which premiered on November 4. The magnificent images of Facing the void on ice waterfalls, or highline with Arves in the Sky, have amazed Internet users. On November 5, the trip took place On the silk road, with the presentation of Chamlang, Deep Water or of Towards the heavenly mountains. For the next two evenings, the themes Mountain figures et Nomadic mountains will be revealed free of charge to Internet users.

Mountain figures

Three films are showing tonight. Handisport climbing will be honored with Climbing Blind. The documentary traces the story of Jesse, born visually impaired. At 30, this man could only perceive shadows. But he chose to face adversity by practicing rock climbing. A real lesson in life and a beautiful story of resilience. Another life course is online tonight with Fissure. This testimony from one of the best climbers of his generation, Didier Berthod, mixes climbing and spirituality. The film Cholitas is the story of five Bolivian women who climbed the Aconcagua in traditional dress. For them, the mountain is “a space to feel free, happy and alive”.

Nomadic mountains

On Saturday 7 November, the Rencontres Ciné Montagnes will finally end with Johla Roc, in the footsteps of the Raviers brothers. This story of two brothers in the roped party pays homage to the “pioneers of modern Pyreneanism”.

“3 days, 3 routes, 85 km of pedestrian link, to finally arrive at the end of the north face of the Tour de Marboré in Gavarnie, of the Yellow Dihedral of Vignemale and the Embarradère of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau. This is the crazy challenge taken up by Bastien and Jordi. "

On the way to school recounts the exploration of the Yarkhun valley in Afghanistan by 4 aspiring guides. These adventurers roamed the mountains with the local youth every day for several kilometers. Continue with  Alluvium, the time of canyoning. This documentary traces the history of a century-old activity.

In the documentary Seul, mountaineer and mountain guide Robert Jasper shares his solo expedition to Greenland and his final ascent of a 500-meter wall, Molar Peak. With Made in Travel, two nature and ski enthusiasts then take the spectators on a journey through time. Far from the hustle and bustle of life, their only goal is to take the time.

To conclude, Makatea unveils the vertical adventure of Erwan Le Lann and Marion Courtois. The couple evolve on the majestic limestone cliffs of Makatea Island in Polynesia.

To finally watch these magnificent mountain films, meet at 20:30 p.m. on TéléGrenoble, and, or on the channel of your choice: TNT: Canal 38 - Orange: 30 & 348 - Numéricable: 30 & 477 - SFR: 477 - Free: 30 & 903 - Bbox: 30 & 316.