Video: Vertigo and highline between the needles of the devil

Ten years after the Flying Frenchies, four friends have repeated the feat of deploying a highline between the needles of the devil. They thus treated themselves to an unforgettable day, suspended between heaven and earth at an altitude of 4 meters.

En this early summer, conditions were favorable in the Mont-Blanc massif to hope to walk on the clouds. But before I can set off on the highline between Devil's Needles, Damian torres, Sam Berry, Antoine Mesnage et Antoine Cretinon had to put on skis and crampons in turn during the ascent, before the ultimate reward. Put on the slippers and float above the Alps on an untamed 45-meter line.

“The amazing thing about a skyline is that walking the line is actually the easiest part of the day. But mixing skiing, climbing, mountaineering and highlining makes these projects really tiring, but unforgettable! "

The Flying Frenchies were quick to react to this feat. On their Facebook page. Julien Millot trembles with emotions.

" WELL DONE ! Thank you guys, I am thrilled to see you on this line! "

Suspended moments

On the menu for this incredible day, sporting exploits, great thrills and spectacular landscapes. The four men had to go after themselves to face the elements, the altitude and finally the void. Once on the line, time seems frozen, the senses are awake. Moments when the limits are constantly pushed back to better be exceeded. And once the foot is placed on the other side, the explosion of emotions is intense.

“I would never have imagined walking on this astonishing line at an altitude of 4 meters, opened 075 years ago by the Flying Frenchies, and which has never (as we know) been repeated. It was an amazing mission, well prepared by the best team […] thank you guys, you are amazing! "
Antoine Mesnage

A look back at the opening of the line by the Flying Frenchies

In France, the highline was popularized by the Flying Frenchies, a group of mountaineers, skyliners, acrobats and artists formed in 2008 following the meeting of Tancrède Mélet and Julien Millot. Two years later, accompanied by Antoine Moineville and Sébastien Brugalla, they will carry out their first winter highline expedition in the Mont-Blanc massif. The group then takes the name of Skyliners, from the name of Seb Montaz's first film which traces the opening of this line.

The Skyliners will officially become the Flying Frenchies in 2014, after being joined by several other athletes. In January 2016, the collective lost Tancrède, one of the founders, following a tragic fall from 20 meters in a hot air balloon accident. After the shock and emotion, the Flying Frenchies will continue their journey in Tancrède's footsteps. Wingsuits, mountaineering, paragliding and always the highline of course ...