Video: A breathtaking Tour de France with Kilian Bron

We know Kilian Bron for his exploits in enduro and freeride and his extreme videos made across the planet. But it was with a Tour de France in less than 4 minutes that he recently accumulated nearly 160 views on YouTube.

De its descent on snow during the Mountain of Hell, at the Megavalanche on Reunion Island. From its rides on the Faroé Islands, to the Dolomites. From the Peruvian peaks to the Atlantic coast… The videos of kilian bron delight his fans. His Tour de France in less than 4 minutes is an intense immersion through the most beautiful landscapes of France. A production produced in partnership with Commencal and Shimano

An intense video

Throughout this short video, Kilian Bron leads spectators to Mont Saint-Michel, on the Pont du Gard, through the immense parables of the Bure plateau, at the top of the Alps or the Pyrenees, in the middle of lavender in Provence, on the dune of Pilat or even under the Norman cliffs… A month of intense filming for an exceptional result with dMagnificent aerial shots. The video alternates shots of breathless descents with other shots allowing you to taste the serenity of villages, castles and sumptuous landscapes. Asked by RedBull, the rider expressed his desire to obtain in this video "the right balance between these quiet plans and pure riding plans".

The origins of the Kilian Bron project

The idea of ​​this Tour de France was born in the pilot's mind during the lockdown linked to the Covid 19 pandemic. Travel restrictions would finally allow the completion of French projects that have remained on hold in recent years. The end of summer 2020 was therefore an opportunity to complete this project in just a few weeks.

“It was an opportunity to put into practice all the ideas we had for France during all these years. So we spent a good part of the confinement thinking about the different spots we were going to be able to do, and the idea was born like that. "

And to better discover the sites

If the video isn't enough for you, head over to Kilian's Instagram account. You will find sequences and photos captured throughout his journey. Here is for example this shot taken on the Mer de Glace in Chamonix, in the heart of the Alpine peaks.

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