Video: Incredible mountain biking and skiing duo in the heart of a snow-park in the early morning!

Need dreams and escape at the start of a confined week? This magnificent video of a mountain biking and skiing duo will give you a well-deserved break.

Mountain biking and Skiing… A winning duo! Lon November 6, Vincent tuppin by mountain bike and Richard Permin on skis, meet at the Glacier area in Switzerland, for a beautiful ride in the heart of the Glacier 3000 snow-park. Moments suspended on the alpine summits, immortalized by their accomplice of the day, Nicolas gaillard. These sportsmen and image enthusiasts excel in their respective disciplines. The fruit of their collaboration is at the height of their talent!

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"Nothing can equal the emotions felt in the early morning on the ski slopes", wrote Vincent in the caption of his Instagram post, following this incredible descent. And it seems that this session also left an unforgettable memory in Richard's memory.

“It has been a long time since I entered a snow park, but it was the opportunity! I've spent the whole morning riding alongside mountain biking legend Vincent Tuppin, and I think this session will get stuck in my head. "

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Vincent Tuppin, Red Bull and The Old World

Vincent Tuppin was recently contacted to take part in a vast project aimed at bridging the gap between mountain biking and BMX, but also between action sports films and feature films. 15 athletes, 8 disciplines, 7 European countries were honored in the film The Old World. It took 4 years of creation and filming in the heart of European sites to finalize the project. From the remote fjords of Norway to the majestic Scottish highlands, from alpine singletracks to the metropolis of Paris, the performances and landscapes are breathtaking.

Find Vincent Tuppin in the video The Old World / A mindtrip Through Europe, broadcast by Red Bull.

Winter Chronicles with Richard Permin

After focusing mainly on performance, the freerider Richard Permin now travels the world in winter to bring back magical images to his fans. It has been 10 years since he started this new adventure. For nearly 5 years, he has surrounded himself with the director Maxime Moulin. This year, the two partners have embarked on a project around social networks. They share their sumptuous images and their making-offs on Youtube and Instagram. The film Winter Chronicles retraces this experience, and tells about the life of a skier hunter of images.

Discover the very inspiring Winter Chronicles, a passionate film dedicated to lovers of skiing and images.