Vianney, lover of cycling trips and life in the countryside

“The important thing is not the destination, it's the journey,” said Robert Louis Stevenson. And if there is a star who does not hesitate to think outside the box during his holidays, it is Vianney. An eco-traveler from the start, singer Vianney has been making the most unusual journeys on foot, by hitchhiking and by bike from a young age.

Ihe is one of the friendliest singers of the new generation. Touching by his simplicity and his humanitarian commitment, true to himself in his songs and his lifestyle. Vianney a unique path is traced in the French musical landscape. This singularity perhaps comes from his education and his years on the benches of Saint-Cyr. But also probably all those summers spent in nature as a scout, then a patrol leader. A real school of life for the young Vianney, whose second passion after singing is traveling ... On foot, hitchhiking and especially by bike.

Israel hitchhiking

His road trips started very early! At only 18 years old, Vianney challenged himself to reach Israel by hitchhiking with all and everything, 100 euros in his pocket. The journey unfortunately ended in Cyprus due to lack of funds.

The tour de France of Vianney by electric scooter

Still with 100 euros, Vianney made in 2012 a tour of France on an electric scooter. He had then slept with the locals and shared incredible moments with strangers so welcoming.

Paris-Stockholm by bike

In 2013, just a few months before his first success, Vianney did not hesitate to do Paris-Stockholm by bike to join a beautiful Swedish girl, Veronica. Two weeks of cycling to cover 3500 kilometers! This adventure will inspire him the third title of his first album Veronica, which tells this incredible epic.

London and Berlin

A few years later, it was to discover London and Berlin that Vianney go by bike. A bike bought in a recycling center! When he is on his bike, Vianney experiences a sense of surpassing himself that seems to be the driving force in his life. Interviewed by PurePeople, he summarized the emotions felt in the most demanding moments of his travels.

"You are hungry, you are cold, you are lost, and by the strength of your legs, your arms, your mind, you manage to move on and out. "


These surprising trips on the roads of France and Europe, Vianney undertakes them alone, facing himself, with very simple equipment. A real inspiration for all those who wish to experience travel in all simplicity, with the greatest respect for nature and all those they meet.

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