Discover our Top 10 of the best surf spots in France

One thing is certain, we will not put everyone in agreement with this Top 10 of the best surf spots in France! With its thousands of kilometers of coastline, France conceals some gems offering sessions worthy of the most famous spots on the planet.

Sn the French coast, there is always a surf spot not far from your home. Sandy or rocky coasts and very indented coastline, very often welcome beautiful waves, especially in strong swells. When we talk about surfing in France, it is of course New Aquitaine that comes to mind, with its spots in the Basque Country or the Bordeaux region. But Brittany and Normandy are not to be outdone, with some superb surf spots. And in certain weather conditions, the Mediterranean can also provide good sensations for surfers. We offer you an overview of the best surf spots in France from North to South, but there are many others. To better discover the sites located near you, go to the site To know more about the weather conditions and the quality of the waves, do not miss the site Surf Sentinels, which gives excellent daily forecasts.

Surfing in France

Langrune-sur-Mer in Normandy

In Normandy, north of Caen, at low tide and in northeasterly winds, this uncrowded spot offers beautiful waves coming from the open sea. Be careful, at low tide, some rocks appear on the surface of the water. Little more, we always have a foothold Langrune-sur-mer, even 500 meters from the coast.

The Baie des Trépassés and La Torche in Brittany

In Brittany, on the Pointe du Raz, the Bay of the Dead is perhaps one of the best spots in France, although it is undoubtedly one of the coolest too! Its large regular rollers will delight the most experienced surfers. The spot of The torch is more accessible. On this west-facing sandy coast, the ocean swell continuously offers very beautiful waves.

Surf in Lacanau

Surf in Lacanau

Lacanau and Cap Ferret in Gironde

With its long sandy beach and its beautiful waves, Lacanau is an emblematic site of French surfing. The people of Bordeaux flock there and the atmosphere is festive, even if in the waves you sometimes have to join forces. At Cap Ferret, along the Silver Coast, pretty spots also await surfers at the foot of the dunes.

Hossegor and Seignosse in the Landes

À Hossegor, you will find the biggest tubes in France. The spots of La Nord and la Gravière host many international competitions. Technical and powerful, the waves of Hossegor are to be reserved for the initiated, whereas not far from there to Seignosse, many surf schools welcome beginners and intermediate surfers, although the Swatch Girls Pro takes place in Les Estagnots, proof that the pros can also find what they are looking for.

Anglet and Guéthary in the Basque Country

The long sandy beach ofAnglet offers many sites perfect for surfing regular and powerful waves. The Cavaliers spot regularly hosts pro competitions. Rolls of Guéthary have the reputation they deserve. In winter the strong swell reserves very beautiful waves for lovers of big!

Palavas-les-Flots in the Mediterranean

Not far from Montpellier in Occitania, the beach break of Palavas-les-Flots is one of the best surf spots in the Mediterranean. It does not compete with the Atlantic spots. But in spring and autumn, when the conditions are favorable, the Gulf of Lion brings good waves to the beach of Roquilles.

Surf in Anglet

Ocean wave in Anglet