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Camping Les 3 Sablières

  • Direct access to the Baie de Somme
  • 10 minutes from Marquenterre Park
  • Horse riders welcome
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Camping Lac de Villefort

  • In the Cévennes, at the foot of Mont Lozère
  • Direct access to Lac de Villefort and its nautical base
  • Located on an entrance to the Chemin de Régordane (GR 700)
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Camping Pleine Mer

  • In the heart of the seaside resort of Vias
  • Direct access to the beach and its nautical base via a private path
  • A few minutes from the Clot nature reserve
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Camping les Pérouses du Phare

  • On the Ile de Ré
  • 300 meters from La Conche beach
  • Near the Lilleau des Niges Reserve
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