National Federation of Rural Sport

The National Federation of Rural Sport is a non-profit association. It is recognized as being of public utility and approved by the Ministry of Sports. She is also a member of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee. It's a multisport federation, whose mission is toanimate and develop rural territories Favoriting the practice of sports activities adapted to the specificities of the rural environment. It brings together around 750 clubs, for 50 licensees across France.

The FNSMR, partner of Welcome Camping

The FNSMR and Welcome Camping have chosen to unite around common values. Promote rural areas and encourage sports practice have thus become their priority objectives. The associations of the FNSMR network and campingnetwork s Welcome Camping who wish it, thus imagine together the modalities of partnership. THE'offers campings and the sports offer offered by the associations of the FNSMR network are thus mutually energized.

Sport and culture, factors in the discovery of regions

Welcome Camping actively participates in the promotion of responsible tourism. The discovery of regions through sport and culture is indeed one of our priorities. Thanks to the partnership with the FNSMR, holidaymakers benefit from multiple advantages.

With the National Federation of Sport in Rural Areas, so you have the assurance of living a original experience. You will experience an unforgettable vacation that looks like you.

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