This summer, succumb to the pleasure of gliding in an electric foil

Around the pontoons and on the beaches, some are already talking about a small revolution in the world of board sports. After the wing-foil, the kyte-foil or the SUP-foil, the electric-powered foil is making a very noticeable entry into the large family of board sports. And many are already predicting a resounding success.

VIt is possible to fly above the water! With the electric foil, experiencing new sensations while riding an electric surfboard is now within everyone's reach. The foil, this so recognizable winged fin, installed for a few years on the keels of racing yachts and boards, does not stop to emulate. No need for waves or jet-ski! The electric propulsion of the e-foil invites you to hover freely above the surface.

A practice accessible to all

You don't have to surf from an early age or be in exceptional physical condition to enjoy the pleasure of e-foiling. A few minutes are enough to begin to master your mount. At first, the accelerations may surprise. And it takes a while to finally find your balance. But after a few tries, the pleasure is at the rendezvous. Standing or kneeling, alone or even accompanied by a child, this surfboard is equipped with a foil, a battery and a remote-controlled electric motor. It then guarantees more than an hour of pure skiing and pleasure in autonomy, in silence and in complete freedom.

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An abundant supply

Many brands compete for innovation to design and develop the best e-foils at affordable prices. The big winners of this battle are obviously the riders, who only have spoiled for choice. Foil Magazine has also established a Top 10 of e-foils currently available. The famous and prestigious Australian brand flite board takes the top spot, followed by lift foils created by Nick Leason, but also the Flying rodeo Slovenian. Frenchies Thomas Bevilacqua and Cyril Coste, former world junior kytesurf champion, come fourth with their e-Takuma.

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The means of transport of the future?

Fast, silent, without greenhouse gas emissions ... It must be said that this is a dream ... Enough to give ideas to city dwellers tired of spending time in transport. Will we see soon riders in suits and suits, go up the Seine or the Garonne towards their office? This is what some visionaries think. The Biarritz general practitioner and specialist in the world of surfing Guillaume Barucq is convinced of this "when the models are lighter, more ergonomic, it will become an individual means of transport on waterways".

Until then electric hydrofoils will be available for rental this summer in the many nautical clubs spread over our coast. Try them out and share your experience on the hashtag #Efoil.