Water sports: Are you more sea or whitewater?

Summer is coming, and with it the delicious desire to get in the water and enjoy the sea, the ocean, the swimming pool or the rivers. Year after year, the success of water sports is confirmed and the number of followers continues to grow.

Lin France officially counts 13 million boaters, and more than 500 active pleasure craft. And for good reason, the five maritime facades total nearly 000 kilometers of coastline, to which are added the 3 kilometers of navigable waterways and the countless lakes and bodies of water open to navigation. France is a vast playground for sports lovers of water sports. There is something for all tastes, all budgets and all physical conditions.

There are many water sports and the list goes on regularly according to innovations, because the possibilities are multiple. You have the choice of the support, the place of practice and the mode of propulsion ... On the water, under water, at the water's edge, in the water ... At sea, in white water or in a swimming pool ... All combinations are possible. Today we offer you an overview of water sports, to help you find the one that really suits you.

Free diving

Water sports at sea

Storming the waves in bodyboard or surf, with the strength of the arms on a body of water in rowing or Stand up paddle, motorized in jet ski ou water skiing, leeward in kitesurf. as sailboard or on a sailing ship, on foot in loin-coast, or just below the surface by apnea, spearfishing, or for snorkeling or scuba diving… There is no shortage of possibilities in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the North Sea or the English Channel. 85% of the 600 clubs affiliated to a water sports federation are located on the coast. Impossible to miss them. Find out quickly from them to finally get started.

Leeward sailboat

In white water

In rivers, let yourself be carried away by the current in canoe Kayak or Rafting. Abseil down the gorges by canyoning, or fully rediscover the pleasure of white water swimming.

Canoe Kayak

In swimming pool

Many water sports are practiced in the swimming pool. Besides the sport swimming and synchronized swimming, swimming with fins, dive, Water polo,aqua ball or underwater hockey bring together many licensees and are practiced in all seasons. Swimming pools are also the perfect site for training sessions. sport rescue or dive.

Water sports are also practiced in the swimming pool

And more…

For athletes, several competitions combining land and water sports have developed in recent years. The aquathlons combine open water swimming and running. The swimruns combine trail and open water swimming. In triathlon, it's usually 1500 meters of open water swimming, 40 kilometers by bike and 10 kilometers of running!… Not to mention the ironman which is a triathlon carried out over greater distances. Experienced athletes go on to swim 3,8 kilometers, cycle 180,2 kilometers and a marathon (42,195 km)…

Triathlon and Ironman

Practicing a sport or a water sport, it is savoring the pleasure of being outside and of exerting oneself, but it is also taking into account the safety of people, the preservation of ecosystems and the species encountered, without forgetting the sharing of values ​​with the sportsmen of the community.