Thrills at the crossroads of worlds on the Mazamet footbridge

In Occitania, the Mazamet footbridge is an essential site in the village of Hautpoul. Suspended 70 meters above the Arnette gorges, this vertiginous installation offers a breathtaking view of the valley. The site promises visitors thrills and wonderful memories.

L140 meter ointment, the Mazamet footbridge makes the link between two worlds. It connects the town of Mazamet and its 10 inhabitants, to the 000 inhabitants of medieval village of Hautpoul, built on a rocky outcrop of the Montagne Noire. The metal structure floats above the mountains and lush green trees. It thus offers a real architectural contrast in the heart of a wild nature.

At the gates of the Montagne Noire

From Mazamet, the two paths leading to the footbridge require good walking shoes. The first one and a half kilometer route crosses the gardens of Cormouls-Houlès. It then runs alongside numerous vestiges of the 15th century, such as ponds, turrets, stairs and the ruins of the Saint-Sauveur church. It takes half an hour to reach the footbridge by this path. On the other hand, XNUMX minutes are sufficient with the path of Jamarié. This route is shorter but also more physical! This ancient Roman road was part of the salt road.

A dizzying experience

It is not without fear that we take the first step on the 140 meters of this footbridge. Like in a boat, you pitch a little before finding your balance. Slightly stunned by the height and suspended 70 meters above the ground, the walkers who venture on the Himalayan gateway experience a genuine sense of freedom the moment they find themselves perched above the void. For the faint of heart, just one piece of advice, don't look down. But for others, take the time to admire the breathtaking view of the gorges of the Arnette and the valley of Mazamet below.

Mazamet footbridge: a dive into history

After leaving the modernity of Mazamet, it is a modest medieval village that awaits visitors at the end of the footbridge. Perched at the entrance to the Montagne Noire at an altitude of more than 300 meters and surrounded by immense expanses of forests, Hautpoul is the historical cradle of Mazamet. He opens a window on another century. In the heart of the small centuries-old alleys, a few artisan souvenir shops are opening their doors. The old stone houses are home to a few artisan workshops.

View of Mazamet from the medieval village of Hautpoul

The Rocque d'Hautpoul Association now brings medieval times to life every summer in the streets of the village. A small museum on the arts and practices of the Middle Ages has even emerged. Animations and historical reenactments are organized throughout the summer. The House of Wood and Toys which was born in Hautpoul, is now installed lower in the valley. Many viewpoints invite walkers to enjoy the panorama, especially on the rock of the Virgin ou the terraces of the old castle. The Mazamet footbridge is completely free. It remains accessible all year round, day and night. Let yourself be tempted by the experience!