A look back at Fabio Wibmer's extreme Urban Freeride in Paris and Lyon

Austrian Fabio Wibmer, gold medal in the downhill mountain biking championships in his country, has gradually established himself internationally thanks to his unique style and his breathtaking urban rides. Some believe that this world freeride freestyle star is quite simply the best rider of his generation.

Fabio wibmer weighs heavily on social networks. With his nearly five million subscribers, he has accumulated tens of millions of views on YouTube. One million views in just 24 hours for the third installment in the series Urban Freeride Lives, shot in the alleys and staircases of Lyon and Paris. Almost forty million views to date!

Eight intense minutes

On the program of this completely crazy ride, Lyon, Fourvière and the twenty-five steps well known to riders, but also the famous stairs and alleys of Montmartre, without forgetting the district of La Défense in Paris. Figures, dizzying jumps, maze of steps and alleys, tight bends… Eight hypnotic minutes in the heart of the most beautiful districts of Lyon and Paris!

Asked by the newspaper L'Équipe, Fabio Wibmer admits having gone “to the limit on all fronts” by making this video which was particularly close to his heart, Montmartre being “probably his favorite spot”.

A breathtaking series

The video shot in France is the third in the series Urban Free Ride. The first opus, shot in Salzburg is his biggest success on YouTube with more than 100 million views in 3 years. For Urban Free Ride 2, Fabio jumps with his bike from a helicopter onto a Tyrolean peak. A scene which however earned him a fractured collarbone.

Making-off of Fabio Wibmer's exploit

“Behind the scene” videos available on Instagram, reveal the reactions of the public present around the course. Cries of surprise and applause mingle with the sounds of jumps and brakes.

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In the making-official, To the limit, fans can take a behind-the-scenes look at the series Urban Freeride Lives. Falls, obviously always very impressive, and with material and bone consequences for some! But also all a millimeter organization and orchestrated by a team, to discover on Viméo. In an urban environment, it is difficult to multiply the tests. The crowds make the exercise even more dangerous. We must ensure time management, authorizations, teams ...

Back to a success story

Fabio has been free-riding for ten years. The first videos from his channel now show the incredible room for improvement achieved in such a short time. Over the years, his videos helped him gain notoriety until he caught the attention of the rider who had inspired him in his early days, Danny Macaskill. In 2015, Fabio joined Danny's show, Drop and roll. A consecration for the young rider who will then pursue his career with the immense success that we know him on YouTube. One of the last bets Fabio won is an incredible personal rear wheel record ... 30 kilometers in 94 min !!

Discover the trailer for the making-off of the Urban Freeride Lives series here.