What will your next trip be?

What will your next trip be? To work masked, to circulate masked, to pass the hands with hydroalcoholic gel, to ban the kiss, the handshake and the embrace, to meet in video and to hope that the world of before is not definitively behind us ... In just a few months , the now famous Covid 19 has really changed our lives.

Cit cost us at the beginning, but that's it! We have given up our tactile greetings, we squint in support of our masked smiles, and all our employees know the decor of our house. Some find it rather comfortable to limit social interactions and physical distancing, while for others it is heartbreaking.

Desire to escape ...

There is one thing on which the majority of confined people agree, it is the desire to escape. Summer was also the revealer. Many people have felt an absolute need for decompression and a change of scenery after the first confinement. And many people have discovered that the escape is sometimes hiding within 100 kilometers of home. Because it's not the destination that counts, but the path, the journey, the encounters, the landscapes, the change of pace ...

A new way of traveling?

Will the coronavirus crisis fundamentally change our behavior? Difficult to provide an answer. But by putting our dreams of exoticism on hold for a while - or longer - we rediscover the richness of our heritage, our culture and our landscapes. No more polluting long-haul flights and make way for slow movements. Finished the quest for all-inclusive and place to discover heritage. No more standardized Instagram snapshots and place to wonder facing unspoiled nature and so close to us.

The micro-adventure is within our reach

She has everything of a great one, the one we call the micro-adventure. Van travelers, trail runners, walkers, navigators and cycle tourists have paved the way for us by revealing on social networks the magnificent images of their road-trips on the roads of France, or of their sporting exploits on our reliefs and our coasts. And you ? What will be your next adventure? A canyoning descent in the Pyrenees, a hike to the top of the Ballon des Vosges, a horseback ride on the Cévennes causses, a descent of the Canal du Midi towards the Mediterranean, a road trip on the Napoleon road, a visit to one of the treasures classified as world heritage of humanity? So many possibilities are available to you. You just have to choose.

The next trip

Yes ! There will be the next trip... The one after the crisis, the one that will give you back your feeling of freedom, and your possibility of to discover new horizons. Do you know that we experience as much – or even more – pleasure in preparing for our holidays than in actually going on holiday? It's time to get started. Take advantage of the time freed up by the reconfinement to prepare for the next trip. Not an "all-inclusive" stay, not a trip like the others, but rather a parenthesis in your life, a moment of escape, a time of rejuvenation, a break in view of a new stage, an experience to live and share, a horizon to discover as a family and memories to build together.

The next trip getting ready now. And you, what will be your “next trip”?