Portrait: Marcel Rémy, the nonagenarian "Patriarche des cimes"

Marcel Rémy is one of the men whose singularity can only challenge. This amateur Swiss mountaineer was revealed to the public after completing impressive physical challenges at the age of 90 and over.

Pmountain and climbing enthusiast, curious by nature, endowed with incredible determination and motivation, Marcel Remy is an extraordinary personality and particularly endearing. When he was very young, he was already dreaming of the highest peaks when he looked up from the valley. But his father had a whole different plan for him. This son of a peasant and lumberjack would become a railroad worker, but his passion for the mountains would never end.

A strength of character

For one of his sons the observation is clear, it is "his bad temper" that has pushed him to achieve many feats throughout his life. And it was after 90 years that he finally became famous in the world of climbing and mountaineering. A 97-year-old young man who never ceases to be talked about. Interviewed during his last journey, the Patriarch of the Peaks said he was happy to still experience the same sensations as when he was only 60, 70 or 80 years old!…


Illustrative image

At the age of 94, accompanied by his sons Claude and Yves, Marcel climbed the 450 meters limestone and 14 pitches 5b / 5c of the Miroir de l'Argentine in the Vaudois Alps. It is true that he climbed it almost 200 times this route, but to achieve the ascent at such an old age was a real achievement. He first prepared himself physically by undergoing demanding and regular training in the climbing gym. Then the time has come.

“Given the difficulty, we had to divide into stages. The trail first, steep, stony, bending, not at all easy… […] Climb to the foot of the Mirror and bivouac there […] He could therefore rest before the climb itself. "

An extraordinary feat

In the morning, the start was smooth at dawn. Then the long-awaited moment of the ascent of the Mirror arrived. 450 meters to climb with the sole strength of his legs and arms, roped to his sons, one of whom testifies to his doubts.

“At the start, I thought there was only a 5 to 10% chance of getting there, then gradually this chance increased during the ascent […] Until the last moment we were anxious. We weren't sure it was won. " 

Despite the risk of an accident, Marcel and his team arrived at the top, tired but happy and aware of the precious moments they were going through. An intense moment immortalized in this 24-minute video.

“I wouldn't have thought I could climb like this again. I feel that it is decreasing, but I am still well. "

After his feat, Marcel was too tired to walk back down. But whatever, it was in a paraglider that he reached the valley, accompanied by the paraglider and friend, Jérémy Péclard.

“Something can happen to anyone. Something can happen to us everyday. But if we can go over it and have fun… I think it's all in the head that it's happening. I enjoy doing such and such a thing. This is my stimulus. "

Since his feat, Marcel Rémy has continued to climb. A fall immobilized him for a few months, but we wouldn't be surprised to see him again on a wall ...