Jérémie Heitz, the gifted rider who pushes the limits of steep slope skiing

Jérémie Heitz is one of the best skiers of his generation. He redefined the standards of extreme skiing by mixing steep slope skiing and speed. Discover now the portrait of the fastest freerider in the world.

Jeremiah heitz is a Swiss freerider who has distinguished himself many times on the occasion of the Freeride World Tour. But after five seasons of competition, the world title has unfortunately always eluded him. At the end of this disappointing and grueling series at the FWT, the talented skier embarked on an extreme and magnificent challenge. “The List”, a crazy project to conquer the wildest Alpine peaks, will reveal to the general public the extraordinary potential of this freeskier. And contrary to appearances, he is not a hothead.

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La liste

In 2016, following the WTF, Jérémie decided to reach the public beyond the world of skiing. He surrounds himself with his friends, and sets himself the challenge of skiing 15 alpine peaks of 4 meters among the most spectacular! With his fellow mountaineer and high mountain guide, Samuel Anthamatten, Jérémie took high mountain freeriding even further. By achieving his feat, the two friends have thus pushed the limits of steep slope skiing. From this experience will be born the film La liste, which will meet with incredible success in the world of skiing. He will even cross its borders to touch the hearts of a wider audience. For him this success will be like "a balm" on his past disappointments.

Discover THE LIST French version from Timeline Missions on Vimeo.

Race the Face

In 2018, Jérémie launched another major challenge. Accompanied by Daron Rahlves, he made a giant slalom of 10 gates over 430 meters with an average slope of 48 °, at an altitude of 4m on the north-east face of the Hohberghorn.

Discover the trailer for the film Race the face which traces this incredible day.

The full movie is available on RedBull

List 2: Everything or nothing

All or nothing ! This sums up the stakes of Jérémie's new challenge which will be made public in the long-awaited new opus of La liste. This time the freeskiers Jeremiah Heitz et Sam anthamatten ski at an altitude of 6 meters in the heart of the highest mountain ranges in the world, at the absolute limit of human possibilities. All or nothing, because there is no alternative between success and failure. All or nothing, because at this altitude and in these conditions the slightest error can quite simply be fatal.

Two years of filming on the Karakoam in Pakistan, in the Himalayas, on the Andes Cordillera, but also in Canada and Switzerland were necessary for a result that will certainly be dizzying and aesthetic. Produced in partnership with Sherpas Cinema, Red Bull Media House, Mammut, SCOTT Sports, Mica Heli Skiing and Reusch Gloves, this new docu should be released very soon.

Don't miss the trailer for The List: Everything or Nothing, while you wait for the full documentary.