Outdoor: The Milo mini walkie-talkie that's a hit on KickStarter

Talking to friends during a ski, snowboard or mountain bike session, while keeping your hands free and despite the absence of a network? This will soon be possible thanks to a long-awaited innovation, the Milo mini walkie-talkie.

It could well be that Milo revolutionizes communications between partners of outdoor sports. The minimalist design Milo walkie-talkie project has met with incredible success on the Kick-Starter crowdfunding platform. Over 3 contributors have pre-ordered this new equipment. This represents more than 000 million euros raised! The objective of the designers was however initially only 1,2 euros. A real success story, for an object that seems to meet the expectations of athletes from all outdoor disciplines.

Clear communication with the Milo walkie-talkie,

Thanks to a sophisticated wireless network, high-quality audio processing and premium design, Milo promises to follow athletes on all their adventures. On land, in the water and why not in the air! Six digital microphones and a powerful speaker keep in touch with partners in all circumstances. Partners thus maintain contact, even when they are 600 meters away. Ambient noises are also reduced.

“At Milo, we seek to enhance shared adventures by connecting people with confidence and simplicity. Confidence in a reliable connection. Confidence in hearing others in your group clearly and knowing if anyone is falling behind. Simplicity so that you can give someone a Milo for the first time and have confidence that they can find it out immediately. "

Careful design

We can understand the enthusiasm of Internet users for this project, because it seems that the designers of this future new star of outdoor equipment have thought of everything. Besides the promise of clear and effective communication, Milo is small, discreet and neat in design. A regrouping process connects the group and warns when one of the members leaves the field. A clip associated with a mechanical safety lock allows Milo to be attached to its equipment, without risk of losing it.

Milo Walkie-Talkie, an innovative product

It took three years of work for the team of software, network, hardware, acoustics and mechanical engineers, and industrial designers and user interface specialists to develop Milo. Indeed, the software engineering required to obtain a seamless multi-channel voice experience over a wireless mesh network is extremely complex. The outer shell and the inner frame are designed to withstand shocks and drops even under the most difficult conditions. It is waterproof and dustproof. The user interface is simple and intuitive. The buttons have been designed to work well with gloves.

A satisfied or refunded guarantee

If the success was so great for Milo during the pre-order campaign, it seems because it meets a real need of athletes, but also probably because of the XNUMX-day money-back guarantee. and without conditions.

Discover the device in video.