Mike Horn embarks three YouTubers on his sailboat for an Arctic expedition

Only seven months after his return from an exceptional expedition in the Arctic which could have cost him his life, Mike Horn sets off again for Greenland, to "observe the return to life". And this time, he will not be accompanied by Borge Ousland, but by three French-speaking youtubers stars…

Don the night of December 7, 2019, Mike Horn, "The explorer of all challenges" and Borge Ousland, "the legendary Norwegian for whom the pack ice has no secrets" were close to death. They were rescued after 87 days of a daunting expedition in freezing cold. The two adventurers had embarked on an extraordinary adventure, the most dangerous of their lives. Reach the North Pole in winter, without assistance or supplies. Wednesday July 8, it is for a completely different expedition that Mike Horn left the port of Le Havre aboard his sailboat Pangea. And he was able to create a surprise by choosing three teammates who had little experience in survival. Three youtubers with nearly 15 million cumulative fans, Cyril MP4, The Great JD et Amixem, will be part of the crew.

"See this beauty differently"

Behind this choice, Mike obviously has some goals. Introduce a young audience environmental issues. Raising awareness to the preservation of nature will be the main axes of this expedition. Because this time, it is not a question of survival or physical challenge, but of observation of the flora and fauna. After dark memories in the Arctic Mike Horn needs to reconnect with these unique places in summer. Back from "Objective: North Pole at night", he already expressed in Team newspaper, wanting to "see again the sun, the whales, life in the Arctic".

“Because the experience I had at the end of 2019 was a bit hard. I want to see this beauty, but differently. "

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Flawless support

This is how Mike took the start from the port of Brest on Wednesday July 8th. A large crowd had gathered on the pontoons, hoping to see this unusual hero.

" Here we go ! It is finally time for us to leave the port of Brest and set sail for the Arctic. A big thank you to everyone who came to wish us a safe journey and greet us. What an incredible feeling to witness such support! "

Prestigious partners

Beyond the issues of awareness and information, scientific data will be collected, and their analysis will then allow a better understanding of the impact of human activities and global warming on this sensitive ecosystem. Because Mike Horn wants to put his adventurous experience at the service of knowledge and preservation of the planet. The foundation Ocean Alliance is also a partner for the study of whale behavior. UNESCO will analyze the meteorological data.

Image Credit: Dmitry Sharomov / CC BY-SA