Nordic walking: Adopt the right posture from the start!

Since the 2000s, the success of Nordic walking has been undeniable. And for good reason, its benefits for the body and morale are innumerable. But beware, Nordic walking is much more technical than it seems. Posture and movement must indeed be precise and well done.

MUsculation, slimming, oxygenation, circulation and strengthening of the bones will be optimized thanks to Nordic walking. This inexpensive and very friendly discipline can be practiced at any age and in any season. If you want to take the plunge and join the 400 Nordic walkers in France, adopt the right posture right away. Your efforts will be rewarded much more quickly, and the pleasure will be there straight away.

En Nordic's walk, we increase the amplitude of ordinary walking to gain speed. Propulsion sticks help to lengthen the stride. Each gesture, each movement is designed to improve your efficiency. By doing them correctly, you will then fully benefit from all the benefits of Nordic walking.

Before you start, adopt the right posture

Nordic Walking Posture

The starting position

First of all, relax your shoulders and keep them in a low position. Also keep your back straight. Finally, look into the distance, chin parallel to the ground.

Nordic walking

The leading foot hits the ground and the opposite arm swings forward to waist level. When walking, always keep your hips sideways stable.

The unrolling of the foot

The ways to put the foot down and unroll it are essential to build muscle without injuring yourself. The goal is to achieve a greater range of motion by rolling the foot down the entire length. Put down the heel, unroll the foot and propel yourself with the toes

Planting it with sticks in Nordic walking

It is necessary to plant the stick opposite the leading foot between the two feet in the middle of the step. While doing so, tighten the handle securely. The stick is then pushed back, until the outstretched arm forms a straight line with the alignment of the stick. After the impulse, the walker lets go of the handle, opening his hand inwards. The arm can thus travel all the amplitude without ever breaking the wrist.

Also, check out four rookie mistakes to avoid at all costs

Synchronize the arm and the leg on the same side

The basic trap is to move the arm and the leg forward at the same time to the same side. If the timing is not good, do not hesitate to stop to start again on the right foot.

Plant the stick too far forward or too far back

If the stick is stuck too far, then the push is less effective. Plant the stick vertically to your center of gravity so that your effort is profitable.

Keep the grip tight

Releasing the handle at the end of the propulsion phase is very important, in order to fully open the range of the arm and to preserve your joints.

Forgetting to warm up

Whatever the sport practiced, warming up is essential. In this article, we remind you of 6 exercises to properly prepare for your release.

And to review in video, check out this short video of Sikana.