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Mad Jacques: Go on an adventure through small villages in France

Since 2017, La Mad Jacques regularly organizes outdoor epics by hitchhiking, on foot or by bike. No ranking or stopwatch, but fun, solidarity, meetings and unforgettable discoveries through small villages in France.

La Mad Jacques was born in the imagination of travel enthusiasts, "repentant travelers", "city dwellers in need of chlorophyll", "Sunday adventurers" ... The idea of ​​Vincent, the "Chef of the horizon" and Maëlle, the “Director of bucolism”, is to “get lost outside but not too far”! Their proposal: Live a human and sporting adventure, accessible to the greatest number. Appreciate simple moments, discover unexplored territories, participate in epics in the heart of nature and 100% Made In France. Rediscover the beauty of France by hitchhiking, on foot or by bike ...

“We believe it is urgent to change our relationship to travel. No need to slam your carbon footprint to experience the adventure. "

The founders of La Mad Jacques

The Mad Jacques spirit

It all started with hitchhiking or cycling races, in the Morvan, in Creuse, in the heart of Aubrac or even in Picardy. On arrival it is always a happy and good-natured Mad Jacques festival which awaits the hundreds of participants. Music, crazy challenges, festive atmosphere and conviviality are always there.

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A pause imposed by the Covid

After several successful events, the pandemic unfortunately resulted in the postponement or cancellation of various races. But the dynamics have remained the same. Stuck at home during the first confinement, Mad Jacques organizers then launched The Containment World Cup. 200 challenges were thus proposed. A way to escape and keep in touch despite the circumstances. And the success was equal to the event! Then the summer of 2020 arrived, full of promise and rich in challenges from the first days of deconfinement. The 100 kilometers deconfined across the Ile-de-France belt had then opened the way.

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And now ?

Because nothing breaks the morale of the La Mad Jacques teams… And because the virus will eventually allow us to resume our lives… Events are already scheduled for the end of spring and summer 2021. From 22 to 24 May, it is an epic through the Little Canada Bourguignon, the Morvan, which is planned. At the end of June, a bikepacking epic to reach the far west, will take place for 3 days in Finistère. Direction Ouessant! And then at the beginning of July, a magnificent trek storming the Grand Colombier will bring the walkers together. At the end of August, a new cycling expedition “in search of Picardy paradise” will precede a road trip by hitchhiking. Direction la Creuse!

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The Mad Jacques adventure tempt you? Registrations are open. Meeting on the site of La Mad Jacques, and find all the useful information