Île de Ré, an idyllic destination for a truly relaxing holiday

Has your daily life become heavy? Every day is a race against time to take on your many responsibilities? Now is the time to take a break. Prepare now for your next vacation. Destination Ile de Ré ...

If you let yourself be tempted by a getaway on re island in order to finally experience a very relaxing holiday? There you will fear neither stress nor boredom. This little corner of paradise is a jewel of the Atlantic coast, which can be discovered in any season. Benefiting from an oceanic climate, the island is temperate in summer and benefits from the warm currents of the Gulf Stream in winter.

Finally plan your dream vacation on the Ile de Ré

As soon as you arrive on the island byhe magnificent bridge on the Ile de Ré accessible from La Rochelle, you will leave your car. The stress of traffic jams will then disappear for the duration of your stay. Electric shuttles, bicycles and hiking trails will then lead you to discover the best kept secrets of this multi-faceted island. In the South and West, welcoming fine sandy beaches bordered by dunes or forests are now available to you. Further north, small rocky coves and the marinas of Saint-Martin, Flotte and Ars highlight the horizon. Fishing on foot, surfing or lazing around await you there ...

Facade on the Ile de Ré

There is something for everyone on the Île de Ré. After discovering the coastal treasures, why not venture out on foot or by bike inland. In the heart of wild nature, pine forests, state forests and Lilleau des Niges nature reserve are home to an abundant flora and fauna, in an environment among the most preserved in Europe. As you will have understood, the biodiversity of this Charentes island is exceptional. And so is its cultural heritage.

A breathtaking cultural heritage

Over the centuries, men have left a trace of their passage, but without ever distorting the place. Narrow streets lined with houses with white facades and salt marshes provide a moment of calm and appeasement. The Châteliers Abbey, the museums or the bell towers of Ars-en-Ré and Saint-Martin-de-Ré can be visited all year round and enrich the heritage of the island. The Fort La Prée, erected in the XNUMXth century is the oldest fortification on the island. A century after its construction, the famous engineer Vauban remodeled the citadel and the surrounding wall to give the fort its characteristic architecture. The fortifications of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are also the work of Vauban and are part of the network of major sites for military engineers.

Rivedoux beach on the Île de Ré

The Baleines lighthouse and its panorama

Far north, the iconic Whale Lighthouse culminates at 57 meters. It offers a breathtaking panorama to all the courageous visitors who will have climbed the 257 steps of the magnificent helical staircase. They will then find rest on the superb Conche des Baleines beach.

View from the Whale Lighthouse on the Île de Ré

You would have understood it, re island is a haven of peace, an atlantic wonder who will be able to offer you very relaxing holidays that you deserve. Do not wait any longer.