Camping Ile d'Yeu

In Pays-de-la-Loire, in Vendée, the Ile d'Yeu is a jewel of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dance the Bay of Biscay, 17 kilometers from the Vendée coast, Ile d'Yeu reveals its best-kept treasures to holidaymakers. And she simply gives them the luxury of the countryside in the middle of the ocean.

Natural heritage 

Beaches, dunes, cliffs and coves ... But also moors, groves and valleys, trace sumptuous landscapes facing the ocean. The coast is Ile d'Yeu is sandy and verdant, while the wilder west coast is rocky. The beaches and coves are an invitation to relaxation and idleness. The paths through the moors and the undergrowth are an opportunity to discover biodiversity.

Cultural heritage

The culture of Ile d'Yeu was shaped by the presence of the ocean. To the northwest, the Grand Phare is one of the five maritime fires. The Museum of Fishing and Rescue at Sea allows an immersion in the daily life of the women and men who reside on the island. Do not hesitate to stroll on the quays or in the heart of the markets. Then taste the tasty products of this unique terroir.

Historical patrimony

Dive into the history of Ile d'Yeu thanks to its villages, monuments and prehistoric sites. During your walks discover menhirs and dolmens left here by the first inhabitants of the place. Then take a step back in time by visiting the old castle. In Port-Joinville, Notre-Dame-du-Port church and the old factories await you as well. Finally, the citadel, or Fort de la Pierre Levée, tells its long story. In turn prison, barracks and even Marshal Pétain's place of detention… It contains many mysteries.

Outdoor sports on the Ile d'Yeu

When your holidays on the Ile d'Yeu, enjoy the many sports and water activities. Veil, surf and paddle are on the program of your vacation in the middle of the ocean. Treat yourself to incredible bike rides or walks. Do not miss the opportunity for an invigorating swim, on one of the many beaches and coves of the island.

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