The most beautiful villages in France # 1: In Aveyron

In this new series, we invite you to gradually discover the 149 most beautiful villages in France. For this first opus, we have chosen to highlight the most beautiful villages of the Aveyron. Because in this department, ten villages are classified among The most beautiful villages in France. A concentration record, shared with the Dordogne.

Ddepartment located in Occitania, in the heart of the triangle formed by the cities of Toulouse, Montpellier and Clermont-Ferrand, Aveyron is a multifaceted territory, rich in its culture, its history and its varied landscapes. In summer, Aveyron residents and holidaymakers taste the sweetness of life of this exceptional land. Far from the frenzy of the coast, they benefit from the multitude of opportunities offered by this authentic territory. Some say that you come to Aveyron "to work there, and that you stay there to live" ... Why not discover the most beautiful villages of Aveyron for a summer ... And more so?

A preserved territory

The hikes on foot, by bike or accompanied by a donkey through the causses, in the canyons of Rougier or on the paths from Aubrac to Laguiole, are a real change of scenery. The sumptuous Lake Pareloup offers refreshing swimming, as does the verdant Lot valley, or the Tarn and Aveyron whose gorges are a delight for kayakers.

Kayaking on the Tarn
Kayaking on the Tarn

A unique culture

The wealth of the Aveyron is not based solely on its natural heritage. The people of Aveyron cultivate the art of life and an incomparable welcome. The markets, village festivals, medieval events and festivals, are the revealer. During your visit to Aveyron, do not forget to browse the villages, their squares and their alleys, and taste the specialties such as Roquefort, Aligot or the spit cake which will transport you to the time of the Knights and Templars. The ten Most beautiful villages in France located in Aveyron have many surprises in store for visitors. peyré visible from the Millau viaduct, is a unique hamlet built on the side of a cliff. Its clear stone facades and its semi-Trogolodyte church make it an essential stage in the discovery of the secrets of Aveyron.

Preserved medieval villages

À Belcastel, you will walk through the alleys lined with stone houses and slate roofs, before reaching a fortified castle restored in 1970. At the confluence of the Tarn and the Alrance, another medieval castle and its Gothic bridge await you at Brousse-le-Chateau. the royal fortress of Najac, coveted by the kings of France and England, will also offer you a leap in history overlooking the majestic gorges of the Aveyron. TO Sauveterre-de-Rouergue, the former royal bastide has kept its original structure since the 47th century. The square with XNUMX arcades welcomes traders, artists and craftsmen. AT Sainte-Eulalie-d'Olt, the church square is considered a masterpiece of Romanesque and Gothic art.

Fortress of Najac
Fortress of Najac

On the trail of the Templars and the Hospitallers

The Courvetoirade is a city of the high plateau of the Causses du Larzac. The Templars built a castle there in the XNUMXth century, and the Hospitallers built the ramparts there in the XNUMXth century. The magnificent buildings of the XVIth and XVIIth centuries recall the sumptuous past of these places. Roquefort, Pérail and Tome will delight the taste buds of visitors to this magnificent city.

On the road to Compostela

The last three villages of our Aveyronnais journey are crossing points of the Ways of Compostela. Conques in the heart of the Lot valley, its half-timbered houses and its Romanesque abbey is a must-see. At the foot of the Aubrac mountains, pilgrims take the Gothic bridge to discover the dwellings with shale roofs and the keep of the château d 'Estaing. On the banks of the Lot, Saint-Come-d'Olt houses a Gothic church and the manor of the Sirs of Calmont. Do not miss to visit the old medieval stalls.

Village of Conques in Aveyron
Conques, one of the most beautiful villages in France

The 10 Aveyron villages classified among The most beautiful villages in France will leave you with lasting memories. Do not delay in visiting them.