The wing foil will be at the Mondial du Vent in Leucate! Come and try it ...

In water sports, innovation is often present to satisfy enthusiasts. It seems that with the wing foil, youngest from the great nautical family, the designers have given new impetus.

C 'is Tony Logosz who had the first intuition in 2015. His prototype had caused a sensation by hovering above the surface, towed by an elegant wing with the appearance of a bird. The idea was launched. The success was not long in coming, and several brands quickly took an interest in the concept. Several years later, the wing foil begins to integrate into seaside landscapes.

But what is the wing foil?

Imagine a paddle board equipped with a foil, propelled by an inflatable kite held in the hand thanks to a boom… Do you need a translation? We tell you everything a little below. To put it simply, Wing Foil is located at the interface of SUP foil, Kitesurf and Windsurf.

We no longer present the SUP, the Stand Up Paddle whose multiple models delight young and old on all beaches. The wishbone is the hoop surrounding the sail making it possible to maneuver the windsurfing board. As for the Foil, it is this curious "winged" fin that can be installed on the keel of racing yachts, on kytes or even on SUPs ...


The movement of water generated around this submerged wing creates a force, which allows the vessel or board to rise above the surface. Foil therefore makes it possible to limit friction and literally hover above the water. A real pleasure! A feeling of freedom for all riders, who in just a few years, have made the foil a must.

A light and elegant wing

Wing Foil

The innovation of Wing Foil does not stop at the happy marriage of several technologies. The real novelty is this harmonious and light veil whose design evokes the wings of a bird. No harness, no lines, just two leashs that hook you up to the kite and the board. All you have to do is move away from the beach (so as not to damage the foil), and get on your knees on the board to start maneuvering your kite. And to believe the fans, it only takes about thirty minutes to manage it!

A small footprint and a simple installation for the full of sensations!

The set-up and learning time are reduced with Wing Foil, but make no mistake, without a harness, the arms will be heavily used! If the technique of Wing Foil is more accessible than that of Kyte or Windsurf, Wing Foil is no less physical.

Want to give it a try?

So see you in Leucate in a few weeks. The organizers of the Mondial du Vent 2020 have announced it. The Wing Foil will be there from April 11 to 16 on the beaches of Leucate and La Franqui! Demonstrations with pros, downwinds and even introductions to the general public… It's time to get started!

What future for the wing foil?

It seems that the Wing has a bright future ahead of it. Its maneuverability and lightness are attractive, and some are starting to transpose the idea to skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding or ice skating. Nothing is done, but the Wing may well become the new trend. Come and try it!