Ski touring, an old practice that has become a trend to follow

Somewhere between alpine skiing and Nordic skiing, several little-known disciplines are practiced by a handful of experienced skiers, lovers of pure sensations and breathtaking landscapes. Ski mountaineering, Nordic ski touring and ski touring are practiced outside the groomed slopes, in powder snow, between rocky outcrops and forests.

Et among these three disciplines, ski touring performs an unexpected mainstream breakthrough. This ancestral practice, traces of which can be found on cave paintings 4000 years old in Norway, appeared in the Alps in the XNUMXth century. First practiced for transport, ski touring finally seduced the English bourgeoisie who did not hesitate to put on skis and sealskins to explore the massifs. The practice then developed for several years before falling into disuse during the advent of alpine skiing. However, it never completely disappeared… The discipline is now making a remarkable comeback in the French massifs.

A rising trend ...

And ski touring may well become a strong trend. This practice corresponds to the aspirations of a public ever more attentive to well-being, to surpassing oneself and at exceptional moments. In ski touring, there is no need to wait in line for the ski lifts. On the contrary, we move away from the crowd, we leave the stations and we walk quietly to summits inaccessible to alpine skiers, before embarking on pristine and pristine powder. A real experience of freedom in the heart of nature ...

Backcountry skiing

A sport at the interface of skiing, trail running and Nordic walking

The rise of outdoor sports, such as trail running and Nordic walking, has certainly played a role in the revival of this sport. The effort is comparable and practitioners recharge their batteries in unspoiled nature.

A practice that opens up to a wider audience

If ski touring is practiced off the beaten track and is therefore intended more for connoisseurs of the mountain, the stations are beginning to see the potential of this trend. So much so that some of them now offer marked paths and dedicated events. It is therefore possible for everyone to be tempted by the adventure in complete safety.

Surpassing oneself, wonder and fullness

Les Houches, Val Thorens, La CLusaz and many other stations offer the general public the opportunity to learn to ski touring under optimal security conditions. Instructors, signposted trails accessible free of charge, suitable equipment available for hire ... The sealskins have given way to synthetic coverings, the shoes are light, the parabolic skis facilitate sliding in the powder and the bindings allow you to alternate between walking and glides safely. No more excuses to jump in and be amazed by the wild mountain. Specialists will sometimes prefer to call this alternative ski fitness, nice springboard to venture later towards the less accessible ridges and summits.

Skier at the top

A real revitalization for the body and the spirit

The benefits of this sport are manifold. For the mind first of all. This outdoor experience through the mountain will free you from all stress and leave a unique mark in your memory. For the body of course, because the effort will be continuous and gentle. The heart and a large part of your muscles will be used regularly and without shocks. A real cardio workout in a dream setting. What more !