Le Sidobre, we come there one day by chance, we always come back by passion

“Le Sidobre, we come there one day by chance, but we always come back out of passion”. This quotation sums up in itself the wonders to be discovered by traversing this mountainous region in the south of the Massif Central, the Sidobre.

Situated in the Haut Languedoc Natural Park, Sidobre and the largest granite plateau in Europe. Lakes, rivers, chaos (or rivers) of granite blocks, trails and forests, delight fishermen, hikers and mountain bikers. And this rich territory is the subject of many mysteries and legends. It is even said that the chaos of boulders were thrown there by the gods one evening of wrath.

The Sidobre and its granite blocks

By committing to the paths of Sidobre, you will be amazed to discover the chaos of La Balme and La Rouquette, as well as the monumental blocks, such as the trembling rock of the seven scythes, the rock of the goose which is discovered by taking the path of wonders, or the more remarkable, the Peyro Clabado. This 780-ton rock was classified as a historical monument in 1912. Its impressive shape defies the laws of gravity. The rock is indeed on a platform of only 1m2.

The Sidobre and the Peyro Clabado
The Peyro Clabado

The lake of Merle and the Saut de la Truite

Merle lake is a real haven of peace. Between oaks, birches and pines, this artificial water reservoir used to be a reservoir for the irrigation of the Domaine du Merle. The place is ideal for a stroll on the wild banks, the discovery of the animal and plant species which inhabit the lake, and why not a good picnic in the shade of a tree.

In a green setting the Leap of the Trout, a 25-meter waterfall named after the trout-shaped rock at the foot of the waterfall, is one of Sidobre's remarkable sites. Its ascent by the trails will also allow you to discover another waterfall, the Paradise waterfall. Allow 2 to 3 hours to get to this site conducive to rest.

Lac du Merle in Sidobre
Merle lake

A multitude of sporting and cultural activities are practiced at Sidobre

For families and children, activities will not be lacking. Horseback riding, storytelling walks revealing the mysteries of the places, adventure parks, discovery of the most impressive rocks and boulders. Young and old can have fun looking for the rocks hidden in the labyrinth of the invisible around the rock of the Goose. For the more adventurous, mountain biking is also an excellent way to discover the site.

For heritage lovers, after having walked the paths, do not hesitate to go to the small village of Burlats to discover its medieval splendors which will take you back to the time of the troubadours, the Gijou valley and its many remarkable sites, or even on the bridge old man from Brassac-sur-Agout. It even says "that a kiss exchanged on the old bridge makes it possible to make a clean sweep of the past" ... In Saint-Salvy-de-la-Balme, which is also the starting point of the legends walk, you learn more about the history of granite and stonemasons.

For the more athletic, the park has provided many facilities for mountain biking trails for all levels. Sensation guaranteed.

For fishermen, the many lakes and rivers will delight you.

Adventure Park
Adventure park

Poetic, atypical, dizzying and sumptuous, Sidobre is waiting for you. Discover the rivers of rocks and all the emblematic sites of this granite plateau so preserved.