"The crazy hiker" uploads the video of his Tour de Loire in 18 days

Bruno Vermeulen is “crazy” about hiking. This passion which animates him, has led him for 20 years on the hiking trails. Photo lover, the crazy hiker shares his story and the stories of his travels on his blog. And for the first time, it is in video that he decided to tell his trek around the Loire.

IThere is nothing really crazy about "the mad hiker". With his feet on the ground and his eyes always raised to the wonders that nature offers him, the passionate hiking enthusiast Bruno Vermeulen has walked the paths of all the mountain ranges of the metropolis. Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Central, Vosges, Jura… But also Cape Verde, Ireland, Kilimanjaro or Toukbal. And this summer, it is a magnificent journey as close as possible to the administrative limits of the Loire, that this man of challenge has decided to undertake.

An 18-day course

On July 1, 2020, Bruno set off from Chazelles-sur-Lyon with a 30-liter backpack as his only equipment. No room for the superfluous. 10 kilos of equipment will be enough for this skilled walker to cover in 18 days, the 650 kilometers and 17 meters of vertical drop. A trek that will require an average daily walk of 300 kilometers, and nearly 36 meters of vertical drop through the mountain ranges from Lyonnais, Pilat, the Forez mountains and the Madeleine. Throughout his journey, the retired walker crossed or skirted 196 municipalities in the department.

"A sporting challenge and a human experience highlighting the territories of the Loire, with accommodation with locals, in camping, lodging, farm, bed and breakfast and hotel. "

From this trek was born a video financed in part by funds raised by "Friends of the Mad Hiker". The documentary film of approximately one hour, produced by the production company Eodrone and distributed by the association “Les amis du randonneur fou” was released on November 20, 2020. Beautiful images captured by Bruno, as well as drone shots, offer the viewer an immersion in the heart of a magnificent territory, and to meet its inhabitants.

A story of resilience

It all started in 2000, when Bruno was the victim of a motorcycle accident. As part of the rehabilitation, his doctors advise him to resume sport and in particular walking. So he decides to follow their advice and starts walking, then hiking. A great adventure begins. 14 years later, a mountain accident will darken the picture. This time the consequences are more important, but whatever. Bruno will end up setting off again on the trails. He walks, hikes, leaves for several days to meet the landscapes and those who inhabit them, always with the same pleasure and the same passion that he enjoys. made it possible to overcome so many trials. An inspiring journey.