Paris Saint-Germain goes fly fishing

Fly fishing and Paris Saint-Germain are not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary according to Fabien Allègre, director of brand diversification and merchandising at PSG. Because fly fishing is "a discipline of concentration" which "calms a lot", and which can help footballers.

Lhe football and fishing fans will be delighted. On the occasion of the celebrations of its fiftieth anniversary, Paris Saint-Germain is launching various derivative products in limited series, including a fly fishing article. After the 50 inflatable paddles and the 200 folding chairs in the colors of the famous French football club, there are 100 boxes of flies in the range #PSG LIMITED, which have been on sale since July 16.

And to obtain an exceptional product, PSG called on four of the best-known fly tyers in France. The Franc-Comtois Gérard Piquard, the Parisian Bruno Pimpanini, the Breton Laurent Regnier, and the Corrézien Olivier Masmonteil, also a painter. Each of the flies has been designed for these characteristics which can be applied to qualities necessary for football.

A high quality collector's box

La nymph is a precision fly. The Streamer is a powerful fly for crossing large river currents. The Tropical fly is a fast fly. The Butterfly is inspired by the May fly, the "holy grail for many fishermen". To finish, the Victorian Fly is emblematic of the history of fly fishing. According to Fabien Allegre, "The nymph on sight is precision, like when Cavani is going to make a millimeter pass for his teammate […] The Clouser Minnow, fast, it's Mbappé who will put everyone in the wind".

Enthusiastic or skeptical? On social networks, the initiative does not seem to be unanimous. But some are quite simply won over by this project. This summer near fishing spots, football fans will perhaps recognize themselves by their flies!

Each box of five flies is accompanied by a lithograph by Olivier Masmonteil representing "A horizon, a landscape in its simplest representation, the ideal symbol of the fisherman's quest".