The mountaineer Benjamin Védrines crosses the Meije in 4:38

Rain of records and challenges in the Alps in this summer 2020! It is the turn of the high mountain guide and mountaineer Benjamin Védrines to set the record for crossing the Meije. In the Hautes-Alpes, this loop starting from La Grave is of rare beauty and very demanding.

Gdelight the Meije from La Grave in 4:38 ... So this is an unprecedented record that will be difficult to surpass. This crossing the Meije, round trip from La Grave in less than five hours, is none other than a level D race with more than 3 meters of vertical drop. For the magazine Alpine Mag, this time is quite simply "amazing" ... And on a portion where a "lapped rope" would have taken 5 hours, Benjamin Vedrines has buckled crossing the Meije from the Promontoire hut to the Aigle hut, in just 1h30.

A journey at full speed

The layout made by Benjamin Védrines is quite simply grandiose. He left from La Grave, to go to the breach of La Meije before joining the promontory refuge. He then undertook the climbs of the peaks of the great peak and the finger of God, to arrive at the Aigle refuge, before going back down to the sheep bridge and finally La Grave and its church. Both the ascent and descent were accomplished at an incredible speed.

“It goes up, it goes down, this way back never ends! However, there was a time when my foot rested at the entrance to the church, with great emotion that arose after having experienced this rapid but very intense ascent to the top of La Meije… ”

“I am E-CLA-TE, but really physically cramped. Like not often. I pulled on the machine a little too much. The arrival at La Grave was done so to speak, on the knees! "

Village of La Grave with La Meije peak and glaciers in the morning light.

But nothing to discourage this tireless mountaineer, trail runner, paraglider, climber, skier and all-rounder of the outdoors, already left for other adventures in the Dolomites.

An outdoor athlete has a hand in everything, in love with the mountains

Born in Die in the Drôme, Benjamin Védrines grew up at the foot of the Hauts Plateaux du Vercors Nature Reserve. Passionate mountain dwellerThis high mountain guide finally put down his bag in the Ecrins National Park, where he shows these mountains to an audience of enthusiasts.

“Here, no ski lift, only mountains and walking men. What can be compared to poverty is in fact our greatest wealth. A universal philosophy which transmits a simple message to all generations: “proud to suffer from my body for such a beautiful setting” (Brassens!). Let's wet our shirts, let's enjoy all these pure mountains, let's go home proud and tired. "

Benjamin excels in mountaineering and high mountain skiing, as well as in rock climbing, ski touring and free-ride. Through these demanding disciplines, he moves away from an urbanized world to experience pure sensations. Effort, surpassing, courage, but also contemplation and meditation are its engines on "these wild massifs where silence is king".