Justine Dupont provided the show in the giant waves of Nazaré

Thursday, October 29 at the famous Nazaré spot in Praia do Norte, these are impressive images that wholesale surfers have offered us. Among them, the famous Kai Lenny and the French Justine Dupont once again provided the show. They really pushed the boundaries, during this day that some qualify as historic.

Au Portugal, a hundred kilometers from Lisbon, the Praia do Norte site is now well known to fans of big wave surfers. And in this last week of October, despite a light fog, the conditions were ideal. A breathtaking spectacle was thus offered to spectators from all over Europe. Many of them gathered at the foot of the Nazaré lighthouse, to admire the spectacle offered by the ten extreme surfers, such as Justine Dupont, Kai Lenny, Lucas Chianca or Rodrigo Koxa.

Justine at the top of her game

Who will stop Justine Dupont ? Yet she said she was "deeply hurt" when the record for the biggest wave passed under his nose last September, for the benefit of the Brazilian Maya Gabeira. A decision that she considered "totally unfair" and which earned her the strong support of wholesale surfing enthusiasts across the planet.

“At first I wanted to scream, then cry, but in the end I prefer to keep smiling and my head held high. They won't take away the pride and fun I get from surfing those big waves. "

Justine has been true to her words. After her disappointment, the champion was exceptional on the historic waves of Nazaré at the start of autumn 2020. The proof in pictures.

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Storming giant waves

It takes technicality and self-control to attack these waves of more than 20 meters. These followers of the "tow-in" with a steel mind are not lacking. However, they all know that wholesale surfing is above all a team sport. In fact, the jet-ski pilot plays a major role when he tows the surfer on waves that it would be impossible to take with the strength of his arms alone. Justine Dupont also paid tribute to Garrett Mac Namara, considered a surfing legend, but also the best pilot on the Nazaré site.

“I have never seen and felt the ocean with so much power! It is a great honor to have been towed on this bomb by Mr Mac Namara. We've spent so much time in the water the last few days that I'm starting to realize just what happened. Once again a big thank you to all the people who help me and support me from near or far. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me live my dreams. I'm in the photos, but I wouldn't do anything without the whole team around me. "

Kai Lenny put on the show

And another sportsman provided the show on the waves of Praia. The now living legend Kai Lenny is quite simply in his garden in Nazaré. And he is tireless. Kai chained the waves most of the day. He was finally able to surf "the biggest wave of his life".

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An exceptional site

It's hard to believe that this extraordinary big surf spot, where the biggest waves in the world are surfed, is located in Europe. Praia do Norte happens to be on the canyon of Nazaré. This underwater fault of about a hundred kilometers and particularly deep, channels the ocean swell which then suddenly breaks on the coast of Praia do Norte, under the now famous lighthouse of Nazaré.

For the pleasure of the eyes, do not miss this wave of Pedro Scooby captured in Nazaré.

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