Big show: A couple of pilots descend the Montaigu peak on mountain bikes

Located in the Hautes-Pyrénées not far from the Pic du midi de Bigorre, the majestic Pic de Montaigu in the Adour valley is particularly popular with hikers and trail runners. But it is with their bikes on their backs that the couple of pilots, Alexis righetty et Fanny Boissieras undertook the ascent, with the goal of a vertiginous and technical descent of the Pic de Montaigu by mountain bike.

Le peak of Montaigu culminates at 2339 meters above sea level. Departing from the Lesponne valley, hikers climb 9 kilometers and 1200 meters of vertical drop in 5 hours to reach the summit which offers the most courageous a breathtaking view of the valley and the Pyrenees. Sunday May 30 in the morning, under a gloomy, cloudy and humid weather, the two courageous ATV riders undertook the ascent and descent which they immortalized in a video.

Alexis righetti He declares himself, he does not "ride a mountain bike", but "ride a mountain bike" ... His goal? “Riding technical and exhibition lines in high mountains, sometimes bordering on mountaineering! »Quite a program for the couple, who once again enthusiastically embarked on a new vertical experience between heaven and earth. As always, the journey was first of all prepared on maps and photos. Alexis knows the Pyrenees well and this knowledge allows him to prepare for the descent on paper before embarking on it.

The Pic de Montaigu by mountain bike: A demanding climb

This Sunday, May 24, the ascent by bike on the back was demanding and technical in a permanent humidity. The two pilots are experienced in exercise and the beauty of the landscapes in forests, along streams or on the edge of high-altitude meadows and snowfields, encourage them to continue their challenge. They meet some admiring hikers and trail runners. Once the sea of ​​clouds has passed, the extraordinary Pyrenean landscapes are gradually revealed. After a short break at the Col de Tos, the team headed for the Lac de Montaigu. More than a few efforts to absorb the last passages which zigzag on the mountainside and which almost require climbing. “Steep but not impassable” according to Alexis. “The Montaigu is aptly named! 2330 meters… Not very high but sharp! "And at the top a hiker amazed to see climbers arriving on their backs, exclaims," ​​There I bow down "...

pic de montaigu by mountain bike, an impressive descent

After a well-deserved short rest, Alexis and Fanny then finally set out on the west face. "A little violent the start!" »… Certain small passages cannot be crossed by bike, but for the rest, the vertical experience on a very exposed slope will be there. Difficult to start with the more technical parts. Edges, stones, rocks, narrow paths… A fall on such slopes along the cliffs could well be fatal. Back at grassland level, wet grass complicates matters. The ground is slippery. Then a slight hassle in the torrent before the final sprint through the forest. An incredible day, the video story of which is available on Youtube.

Discover Alexis Righetti's video in its entirety:

Image credit: Wikimedia Edgard Floor / CC BY-SA