What if you raft down the inaccessible Haut-Allier gorges?

Since le Camping The Eaux Vives located in Saint-Bonnet-Laval in Lozère, a unique rafting experience awaits vacationers.

On the borders of Occitania, between Lozère and Haute-Loire, a portion of the Allier gorges is completely inaccessible on foot. No road or footpath leads to these banks. To admire the place, only one solution is necessary, the descent in white water. Canoeing and rafting then offer the opportunity for a wild descent of this unspoiled river. This summer we tried the rafting experience in the Haut-Allier gorges. Welcomed by Jean-Pierre at Camping The Eaux Vives, we got into the water to experience unique moments!

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Wonder and thrills in the heart of the Haut-Allier gorges

After an evening at the restaurant camping and a restful night, we took the car for half an hour towards Monistrol-d'Allier. There, a qualified instructor is waiting for us to equip us and give the essential instructions. In a few minutes, we are in the water with our boat. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the crew paddled in rhythm. It left for nearly three hours of descent. On the program, calm bodies of water conducive to wonder, but also and above all, intense rapids to fill up with thrills.

Rapids in the Allier gorges

Fun and technique

During our descent of the Haut-Allier gorges our instructor is there to guide us. It is indeed impossible to go rafting on this section of category III and IV river, without an experienced person. He gives instructions on how to best maneuver rafting in the rapids. Thanks to his invaluable advice, we avoid the traps of the river, choose the best passages and discover the various techniques. But he's also there to spice up the descent with a raft wheelie, a jump from a 5-meter rock or a swim descent. Unforgettable moments for all!

White water descent in the Allier gorges

The Haut-Allier gorges, a preserved natural heritage

Between two rapids, we take advantage of the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. Not a path leads to this portion of the Haut-Allier gorges. In the heart of summer, so we experiment the delicious feeling of being alone in the world. Because the gorges of Haut-Allier are inaccessible and particularly preserved, as the biodiversity testifies. The verdant forest contrasts with the basalt rocks and granite boulders. Fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects populate the eyes. During our descent, we were able to admire many species, including gray herons, damselflies, a snake and even an osprey! The gorges of Haut-Allier are also a spawning ground for salmon. In the early morning or at the end of the day, it is not uncommon to see otters and beavers. We were able to see their traces.

Les Eaux Vives, a camping dedicated to whitewater and outdoor sports

In Lozère, at the confluence of Chapeauroux and Allier, nestled in the hollow of the valley, le Camping the Eaux Vives benefits from a privileged environment. It is an ideal starting point for days punctuated by outdoor sports. Hiking, mountain biking and of course white water sports are on the program for your vacation! A magnificent descent of the Haut-Allier gorges by canoe starts at the foot of the camping. Christo offers holidaymakers an exceptional canoe trip of one or two days, with the possibility of a night in a bivouac. In the Haut-Allier gorges, no mass tourism. To Camping Les Eaux Vives, far from the crowds, you will experience a 100% sport and nature holiday.