And the “favorite French GR” 2020 is…

Internet users mobilized massively on the occasion of the third season of the national competition My favorite GR, organized by the site Between October 31 and November 20, 93 votes were counted for the edition of My Favorite GR 000.

Cthis year, eight routes of great hike fought for the title. And the victory is final! With more than 30% of the votes, i.e. 28 votes, the GR 21 wins this third edition. It can be proud of the title My Favorite GR 2020. This hiking trail trains walkers along the Normandy coast from Tréport to Le Havre, via Dieppe and Étretat. Sea air, cliffs of white chalk or ocher clay, meadows and valleys are present all along the Alabaster Coast, with the focus of the ocean and its waves that break on the shore.

An opportunity to discover Normandy

For Martine Gérard, president of the Seine-Maritime Hike, this distinction is a real opportunity to promote the natural heritage of Normandy. The Normandy coast Reunion Island is therefore succeeded by its GR R1, which circles the Piton des neiges.

“We have to face the facts that the poetry of the place has inspired all those who voted for the GR21 in contention for this national competition. This choice is obviously a great source of pride for the FFRandonnée Seine-Maritime and first and foremost for the volunteers who maintain and mark these 190 kilometers. "

The preferred GR 2020, a trail accessible to all

If you want to cover the entire 190 kilometers of the GR 21, it will take around ten days. A variety of landscapes alternating wild coasts, cliffs, pebble beaches, ports, beech forests, pastures and cultivated lands will appear in turn as you walk. Many villages will provide you with supplies and accommodation. This trail is accessible to everyone. You just have to define your itinerary according to your expectations and your physical condition.

If you want to explore the GR 21 - Littoral de la Normandie, consult the site of the FFRandonnée Seine-Maritime committee. You will find free downloadable randofiches.

For more hiking ideas, discover the entire final ranking

1. GR 21 - Normandy coast (Seine-Maritime): 28 votes - 522%
2. GR65 - Compostela by Le Puy (Aveyron): 15 votes - 955%
3. GR 52 - Great crossing of the Mercantour (Alpes-Maritimes): 12 votes - 927%
4. GR 738 - High Crossing of Belledonne (Isère): 10 votes * - 134%
5. GR of Country Val de Creuse (Indre): 9 votes - 123%
6. GR of Country Tour of the Morvan (Nièvre): 8 votes - 521%
7. GR 714 - Across the Meuse (Meuse): 4 votes - 496%
8. GR of Country Tours and Ronde du Canigó (Pyrénées-Orientales): 4 votes - 028%