In the absence of competitions, trail runners break records

It's an incredible dynamic that the trail world is experiencing at the moment. While most competitions have been canceled or postponed due to the pandemic, athletes are returning to the sources of trail running. They achieve incredible performances in the context of personal challenges. Discover the new records set by trail runners in France.

En this summer of 2020, it's a real rain of performances and records that is falling on the trail family. In July, we had already relayed the performance of Xavier Thévenard on the GR20, Finistèreman Everial... From the Grande Traversée d'Alsace to the Alpes-Maritimes carried out in relay by several trail stars from the Salomon team, including François d'Haene... Or more UTMB for the planet, 100% digital and united for this very special year. Other recent trail runner initiatives deserve a nice spotlight.

The great crossing of the Pyrenees in 9 days!

9 days, 9 hours and 12 minutes ... Erik Clavery smashed the previous record held by Thierry Corbarieu by 2 days. He also voluntarily followed in his footsteps on the GR10 from Banyuls-sur-Mer to Hendaye. Erik finally arrived Wednesday, July 15, at 3:30 am. He planned to cover the 868 kilometers and 55 meters of elevation gain in 000 days. 10 and a half days will have finally sufficed, i.e. 9 hours and 225 minutes, after a precise preparation of several months.

“I can't tell you the time spent on mental preparation in the last 10 months, nor the time spent on logistical preparation… Not even the time spent studying the maps, the profiles, the potential stages, the elevations, the organization and the study of different solutions. But it represents an incalculable number of hours that were the basis of the success of this project. »

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Crossing the Vosges in 26 hours and 41 minutes

In the Vosges, Maxime Grenot meanwhile set a new reference time by finishing the crossing of the massif 3 hours ahead of Romain Sophys' record (29h33′). 26 hours and 41 minutes of effort to cover the 205 kilometers and 7 vertical meters.

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A crossing of the Alps in Wildinism mode on the GR 5

If Sébastien Raichona did not break Romain Sophys' record. Him again ! He achieved a real feat in total autonomy and without assistance by crossing the Alps from Thonon to Nice in 162 hours and 9 minutes, only 1h29 more than the record achieved with assistance.

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Record: 23 climbs and 7 vertical meters in one day

Let's finish this little overview with a new feat of ultra-terrestrial Kilian Jornet, who decided to explore some Norwegian peaks that he did not yet know. The young dad rode three hours from home, before hiking and cycling 60 kilometers through the mountains, and climbing the 23 peaks over 2 meters in the area. 000 hours and 20 minutes profitable for a short day of discovery!

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