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Located in Brittany, Morbihan is a department largely open to the Atlantic Ocean. Son means in Breton, "Small sea".

Between land and ocean, Morbihan is an idyllic place for a family vacation. Nature, heritage and traditions form a very successful mix here. The islands, the wild coast of Quiberon, but also inland, mysterious forests and typical villages delight visitors every year.

The essentials of Morbihan

Impossible to evoke Morbihan without thinking of many islands present in its gulf. They attract vacationers looking for ocean adventures every year. Belle-Île, Groix, Hoëdic, Ile aux Moines and Ile d'Arz are part of the 15 Ponant islands. On land, however, do not miss the mysterious alignments of menhirs of Carnac and the legendary forest of Brocéliande. City side, Vannes is worth a detour. The Saint-Pierre cathedral, the half-timbered houses and the hall of the lists, will thus leave you a delicious memory.

Remarkable natural sites

The beaches of the Rhuys peninsula ou the islands and islets of the Gulf of Morbihan, are a land of extraordinary natural discoveries. Nature cruises are also organized there. They allow you to admire dolphins, birds or moonfish. To the rhythm of the tides, the Ria d'Etel also forms a labyrinth of ephemeral landscapes rich in color. The forests of Brocéliande and Camors, or Lake Guerlédan are lush natural settings.

Historic sites

A visit to Morbihan is an incredible journey through time. From prehistoric times to contemporary times, vestiges, religious buildings, castles and remains can be found throughout the territory. They feed the myths and legends of Brittany. Over nearly 4 kilometers between the bay of Plouharnel and the Trinité-sur-Mer river, the alignments of Carnac bring together nearly 4 standing stones.

Outdoor sports

In Brittany, sailing is a real art of living. Many schools welcome you to an unforgettable sailing trip. Let yourself be tempted by an introduction to sand yachting or kitesurfing. And for walkers, a hike around the Gulf of Morbihan is needed. In the land of the balconies of the Gulf, the moors of Lanvaux offer magnificent walks between groves and forests. The route is punctuated by ancient chapels and megalithic monuments. And for horse lovers, the Breton forests are an opportunity to experience memorable horseback rides.

During your stay in Morbihan, do not miss either exceptional gastronomy...