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In Occitania, the Lot department is a hilly and green territory, with a preserved heritage.

In the Lot, the Causses, the Quercy Blanc, the Lot and Dordogne valleys, Bouriane, Limargue and Ségala offer holidaymakers breathtaking landscapes. In this territory, many large sites and picturesque villages await you for a timeless vacation.

The essentials of the Lot department

The Lot has three exceptional places recognized around the world. The Padirac chasm, not far from Rocamadour, the Valentré Bridge in Cahors and the cave of Pech Merle in Cabrerets, are the preserved gems of this department. But the Lot also has three classified places Major sites in Occitania. Cahors and the Lot valley, Rocamadour and the Dordogne valley, Figeac and the Lot and Célé valleys offer wonderful discoveries.

Remarkable natural sites

You would have understood it, the Lot is truly a haven of greenery rich in its fertile valleys. Rivers and forests, like the causses and hillsides, create magnificent landscapes. The Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park is an exceptional green lung. During your stay, do not miss the impressive Gouffre de Padirac, its sumptuous underground river, its rain lake and its Grand Dome room.

Outdoor sports 

For cycling enthusiasts, the greenways of the Lot Valley are absolutely essential. But with such a plant and geological heritage, hikers and climbers are also delighted. On the rivers, then up to the canoe. On the rivers, then up to the canoe. And for diving enthusiasts, know that the department is a paradise for cave divers. It is one of the most beautiful cave diving spots in Europe.

Historic sites

Six villages in the Lot are among the most beautiful villages in France. Autoire, Loubressac, Carennac, Capdenac-le-Haut, Cardaillac and Saint-Cirq-Lapopie reveal to visitors their preserved alleys and facades. Don't miss either Rocamadour, the vertiginous city dominating the Alzou canyon. You will discover the relics of Saint-Amadour and the sanctuary of the Black Madonna. The prehistoric sites are also to be visited. The cave of Pech Merle is a high place of cave art dating back 25 years. In seven rooms, no less than 000 drawings amaze young and old. In Cahors, on the paths of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, the Valentré bridge is an impressive medieval bridge listed as a World Heritage Site.