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In Haute-Corse, the Corsican massif and the jagged coastline offer the best to amazed visitors.

From Monte Cinto to Cap Corse, from Calvi to Corte ... Haute-Corse is an exceptional natural sanctuary. From Corsican peaks to dream beaches, privileged travelers are overwhelmed by the treasures to be discovered.

The essentials of the Haute-Corse department

It's impossible to talk about Haute-Corse without mentioning its mythical culmination, Monte Cinto. In the heart of the valley, and surrounded by mountains, it is the ancient Corsican capital, Corte and its citadel which are the wonders to be discovered. Cap Corse is home to some of the most picturesque villages on the island, such as Erbalunga, Nonza or Centuri. East of Île Rousse, over thousands of hectares, the desert of Agriates and its impenetrable maquis are the gateway to the most beautiful beaches in Haute-Corse.

Remarkable natural sites

In Haute-Corse, the mountain lakes compete with the exceptional beaches and coves with crystal clear waters. Earth of contrast, Haute-Corse is rich in sumptuous sites. The lakes of Capitello, Malo, Calacuccia, Nino… The beaches of Palasca, Barcaggio or Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda… You just have to make your choice. Unless you visit them all!

Outdoor sports 

In Haute-Corse, hiking is king. We know the famous GR 20 of course, but there are many other equally magnificent trails to follow. In the heart of Haute-Corse, the gorges of Restonica offer a multitude of unforgettable hikes and swimming. Another wild hike awaits visitors, the ascent of the Tavignano gorges. They are completely inaccessible by road. Let yourself be charmed by a hike on the Customs Trail. All the same, count eight hours to cover the 26 kilometers. Sail, then rally Goraglia Island, its lighthouse and its Genoese tower. Now uninhabited, it is a sanctuary for many animal and plant species.

Historic sites

The villages of Haute-Corse all tell the thousand-year-old history of this Mediterranean island with its inescapable charm. Steep alleys, stone houses, Romanesque chapels, lighthouses and Genoese towers proudly mark the landscape.