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Between traditions and dream landscapes, Corse-du-Sud is an invitation to discovery, exploration and wonder.

Cradled by the sea and shaped by the winds, Corse-du-Sud is a wonderful destination in the south of France. Its natural treasures and the richness of its heritage are the promise of unforgettable holidays with Mediterranean scents.

The essentials of the Corse-du-Sud department

Difficult to name just a few must-sees in Corse-du-Sud. During your stay, do not miss Bonifacio on the cliff side, Porto-Vecchio, the city of salt, or Ajaccio, the city where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. Also stop by Loads, the Greek city, or to the seaside resort of Propriano. Then let yourself be drawn into the land for a visit from Sartène, “The most Corsican of Corsican towns” according to Mérimée. To finish, the creeks of Piana will offer you breathtaking landscapes on land, as well as under the surface.

Remarkable natural sites

The creeks of Piana, associated with the Gulf of Porto, Scandola reserve and the Gulf of Girolata, constitute a set of exceptional natural sites classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. Between scrub and forests, well other treasures await visitors to Corse-du-Sud in the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. South of Bonifacio, the Lavezzi Islands form a protected paradisiacal archipelago. Dream scenery and breathtaking seabed await you. To finish the Alta Rocca, its impenetrable forests and its steep valleys offer natural and authentic landscapes, formerly populated by the first men.

Outdoor sports 

In Corse-du-Sud, you can practice all the outdoor sports you dream of. At sea, sailing, paddle boarding, scuba diving… On land, hiking, mountain biking, climbing… In whitewater, canyoning, canoeing or rafting… Everything is possible here. The most difficult thing will be to choose.

Historic sites

In Corse-du-Sud, vestiges from all periods come together to the delight of heritage lovers. Among them, the prehistoric sites of Cucuruzzu-Capula, Alò Bisujè, Filitosa or the Casteddu d'Arraghju tell the story of the first settlements. Many churches, convents and monasteries are for their part vestiges of the medieval period. During your stay, also find the citadels of Bonifacio and Ajaccio, the Bastion de l'Etendard, or the Genoese and Isolella towers.