Discover the most beautiful hikes within 100 kilometers from your home

When you prepare for your hikes, no need to take out the old map of France and your school compass, Altitude Rando has the solution to overcome the new constraint of 100 kilometers during deconfinement. Indeed, this site has integrated a very practical free application to discover in a few clicks the hikes not to be missed within a radius of 100 kilometers.

À exceptional situation, exceptional decision… Deconfinement began on May 11, but for a few more weeks, hikers' desire for wide open spaces will be limited… You will have to find your hiking route within 100 kilometers of home. A magnificent opportunity to rediscover its region and the many unexplored routes.

So far you may have tried to find your next destination with varying degrees of success. To make things easier for you, the Altitude Rando website has made available an online application, as well as many resources that will certainly answer any questions you have.

An extremely simple operating mode

Finding your next hike couldn't be easier.

  • Events this link.
  • Geolocate yourself or enter your address by clicking on one of the icons on the left of the map.
  • Then click on the "Circle of 100 kilometers radius" link.
  • Hover over the map and click on your city.
  • The colored dots tell you how many hikes are available.
  • Click on one of these pastilles and choose the hike of your choice.
  • By clicking on the name of the site, you will access the particularly detailed description sheet.

We have tried for you

We tried the app by researching the hikes available around Avignon. Within a radius of 100 kilometers, 310 hikes are listed and detailed on the site.


By clicking on the pastille of the Camarque biosphere reserve, the 6 available hikes become visible.


All you have to do is click on the one of your choice. We chose to discover the pond of Vaccarès. On the printable sheet, all the necessary information is ready. From the logbook to the markup, from the difficulty to the route, and the description is particularly complete.


What are you waiting for?

The Altitude Rando site lists more than 7000 French hikes with interactive maps and routes available. You can also sort by refining your criteria. Lake hikes, great treks, mythical peaks, hikes by massif, selection of the most beautiful hikes, you will be spoiled for choice. From the Alps to the Pyrenees, from Brittany to the Basque Country, from Alsace to the Mediterranean, don't wait any longer to get your equipment out.