Discover the 17 routes of EuroVelo

Today, nearly 70 kilometers of cycle routes promote the development of ecotourism throughout Europe. The EuroVelo network offers cycle tourists, Europe by bicycle in the best conditions.

Lcycling is the second favorite physical activity for French tourists after walking. 40% of French people say they cycle regularly. Not surprising that bicycle tourism is experiencing such a boom. We even talk about Societal phenomenon. Holidaymakers are now looking for destinations and activities that reflect the values ​​of the sustainable development, and well-being. Health, ecology, discovery of cultures and heritage are the key words of cycle tourism. And the 17 EuroVelo routes are an exceptional playground for lovers of cycle tourism.

A highly developed offer in France

And the French are spoiled because in March 2018, France received the first “EuroVelo Prize for the most popular cycling tourism destination in Europe”. Freedom, the pleasure of pedaling at your own pace, free spirit and physical effort are accessible to all, through this eco-responsible and inexpensive practice. Eight of the seventeen Euro-Vélo routes pass through France! So many opportunities to discover the hidden treasures of our territory by the day or over several days.

Cycle touring on the EuroVelo

Discover the 17 routes

And for the more daring, why not let yourself be tempted by an adventure through Europe. To make an informed choice, we offer you a zoom on these 17 trans-European routes.

The EuroVelo routes

EuroVelo 1: The Atlantic coast from North Cape to Sagres (Light green)
From Scandinavia to the Algarve in Portugal, the 8 kilometers through majestic fjords, beaches and ports are an invitation to explore the ocean.

EuroVelo 2: The Capitals Road from Galway to Moscow (Light Blue)
5 kilometers of gastronomy, culture and nightlife await you in Dublin, London, Berlin, Warsaw, Minsk and even Moscow!

EuroVelo 3: The pilgrim route from Trondheim to Santiago de Compostela (Indigo blue)
From the Scandinavian coasts to the Pyrenees, this route crosses 7 countries and 5 kilometers to meet historic towns and sumptuous natural spaces.

EuroVelo 4: The Central European Route from Roscoff to Kiev (Yellow)
The 4 kilometers of this route takes cyclists to encounter the rich medieval history of Central Europe. Prague and Kiev will leave an indelible mark in the memory of visitors.

On the EuroVelo, escape is guaranteed

EuroVelo 5: Via Romea Francigena from Rome to London (Pale pink)
This route of nearly 4 kilometers traces the route taken by English Christian pilgrims who went to Rome.

EuroVelo 6: The river route from Saint-Brevin-les-Pins to Constanța (Violet)
From the Atlantic to the Black Sea, this route follows the courses of the three largest rivers in Europe, the Loire, the Rhine and the Danube.

EuroVelo 7: The Sun Route from North Cape to Malta (Medium Green)
6 kilometers connect the countries of the midnight sun to the sunny islands of the Mediterranean. A road full of contrasts!

EuroVelo 8: The Mediterranean from Cadiz to Athens and Limassol (Brown)
More than 5 kilometers of golden beaches, ancient towns await you along the Mediterranean and the Adriatic across eleven countries with sumptuous coasts.

On EuroVelo, discover new cultures

EuroVelo 9: The Amber Route from Gdańsk to Pula (Mauve)
Almost 2 kilometers from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic offer a concentration of seaside and mountain landscapes.

EuroVelo 10: The Baltic Road (Light Orange)
Over nearly 8 kilometers, along a preserved coastline bordered by picturesque villages, this route crosses the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

EuroVelo 11: The route of Eastern Europe, from the North Cape to Athens (Orange)
Almost 6 kilometers stretch from the far north of Norway to the southern capital of Greece. A demanding and breathtaking wide gap.

EuroVelo: Greece by bike
Greece by bike

EuroVelo 12: The North Sea Circuit (Dark Green)
From the plains of Holland to the cliffs of Norway, not to mention the coast of the United Kingdom, nearly 6 kilometers of route offer a discovery of the North Sea on a life-size basis.

On the EuroVelo, bring together your passions for sport and heritage

EuroVelo 13: The Iron Curtain Route from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea (Red)
On this route, cyclists cross twenty countries! Nearly 7 kilometers of roads through national parks, immersed in the not so distant history of a divided Europe.

EuroVelo 15: The Rhine route, from Andermatt to Rotterdam (Dark blue)
Four countries crossed and a little over 1 kilometers for this descent along the river Rhine, from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea.

EuroVelo 17: The Rhône route from Andermatt to the beaches of the Mediterranean (Light green)
This 1 kilometer road runs along the Rhône valley from the Swiss Alps to the Camargue.

EuroVelo 19: The Meuse by Bike (Brown)
1 kilometers from France to Rotterdam, via Belgium. A route rich in heritage discovery.

So ? What will be your next cycling destination? Sea, mountain or plain, you are spoiled for choice.

On the way to the mountains by bike!

EuroVelo image credit: European Cyclists' Federation / CC BY