Discover 7 mythical climbing spots in France

France is a privileged destination for all climbing enthusiasts. Many exceptional climbing spots are well worth a look.

Take to the heights, discover unique natural sites, surpass oneself physically and mentally, share strong moments with loved ones, or even develop confidence in oneself and in others… There are so many reasons to practice climbing. This is how more and more athletes are turning to this outdoor sport. The French Federation of Mountain and Climbing now has nearly 100 licensees. And France is full of climbing spots spread all over the country. Far from being exhaustive, today we offer a selection of major climbing sites in France. To find all the climbing spots, don't miss the site's valuable tool Climbing Away.

The cliff of Buoux, in the Lubéron

In the heart of Vaucluse, the cliff of Buoux has seen the best climbers evolve since the 70s. Patrick Edlinger himself trained there for a long time. He is also the one who will pass the first 7c of this grandiose site. Here more than 500 climbing routes classified from 4b to 8c await climbers.

The Provencal cliff of Buoux

Climbing in Annot, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Between southern sun and shady undergrowth, Annot is a true paradise for lovers of climbing. In the middle of the forest, the Annot climbing spot is an exceptional boulder site. It has managed to keep its charm and serenity while developing high quality facilities. About a hundred routes classified from 4c to 8c + are accessible on these sandstone walls. To these are added a hundred routes from 5b to 8a which go up the lines of cracks.

Annot is a temple of rock climbing

The mythical Ceüse cliff, in the Hautes-Alpes

We no longer present Ceüse and the pure lines of its limestone cliffs. Slabs, slopes and walls await enthusiasts. Several hundred routes rated 5a to 9b, and the legendary Biography offer hours of absolutely magical climbing, and in a dream setting!

Mythical ascent of the cliff of Ceüse

Climbing spot in Pen-Hir, in Brittany

When we evoke French climbing spots, Brittany is not the first destination that comes to mind. Yet at the end of the Crozon peninsula, the tip of Pen-Hir majestically overlooks the Iroise Sea. Spray and sea breeze give these climbs suspended above the waves a special atmosphere. 130 routes from 3c to 8a and a maximum height of 80 meters, promise all climbers intense sensations.

Climb the cliff of Pen-hir

Le Verdon, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Vertiginous, wild and fascinating… The Verdon gorges never cease to amaze visitors. And to admire them in all serenity, nothing like climbing. This climbing spot is internationally recognized for its quality, its beauty and the impressive number of routes. No less than 1 routes are indeed spread over these limestone cliffs!

Climbing in the Verdon gorges

Climbing in Fontainebleau, in Seine-et-Marne

The climbing spot in the Fontainebleau forest is a unique and famous place around the world. The many blocks of sandstone sheltered by the forest are an inexhaustible source of climbing experiences, for beginners as well as for the most experienced. Nearly 40 topo-guides list the 25 tracks spread over 000 sectors of the forest of Fontainebleau.

Bouldering in Fontainebleau

The Calanques in the Bouches-du-Rhône

In the heart of the Calanques National Park, many climbing routes with breathtaking views of the Great Blue await the sportsmen. This unique place offers hundreds of routes of all grades. The Morgiou ridge offers an ascent to 230 meters in height. Crossing the bec de Sormiou is the opportunity for a magnificent horizontal along the sea.

Climbing in the Calanques of Marseille

Many other natural sites in France are extraordinary climbing spots. The Vercors, the gorges of Tarn or Jonte, Orpierre or Bavella will be the subject of a future article dedicated to climbing.