Do you really know each of the benefits of Nordic walking?

Born in Finland and still unknown in our country ten years ago, Nordic walking has spread all over the world. Since the official creation of this sport in 1998, doctors have never ceased to extol the benefits of Nordic walking.

Neuf millions of practitioners in the world, a unanimous plebiscite of the medical order, happy and smiling practitioners, welcoming communities… And France is no exception. Clubs and associations flourish in all regions, and delight 400 followers across the country. They are all convinced of the benefits of Nordic walking. What is the secret of these dynamic caravans which traverse our paths and our forests in rhythm?

In the mountains

At first glance, we can only see dynamism and hospitality associations which enthusiastically bring together athletes of all levels. This practice also allows you to discover the many and exceptional natural sites of our regions. Nordic walking is an activity in the great outdoors, inexpensive, collective, accessible to all ... These are many advantages! But that's not all ... She turns out to be a real cure of youth for the organization. If you feel tired, numb, rusty, or on the contrary, if you want to keep this shape that accompanies you, Nordic walking has incomparable assets to preserve and improve your health.

A solicitation of more than 80% of the muscles of the body

It is estimated that walking mobilizes 50% of overall muscle mass. By adding propulsion by the use of Nordic poles, the upper limbs are much more stressed. Muscles of the thighs, calves, shoulders, neck, arms, but also glutes, pectorals, abdominals… Everyone is mobilized. Over 80% of the muscles in the body work together during this exercise. Nordic walking therefore strengthens all muscle and joint chains, gently and smoothly.

At the coast

Fat elimination

Regularly practicing an endurance sport promotes lasting weight loss. Compared to conventional walking, energy expenditure increases by 40% in Nordic walking. Combined with a balanced diet, practitioners see their figure transform and strengthen.

Maximum oxygenation!

The lateral supports and the amplitude of the movements allow a better pulmonary ventilation. Breathing is deeper, and oxygenation is better. With Nordic walking, the oxygen supply is increased by 60% compared to traditional walking.

Activation of blood circulation and strengthening of the heart muscle

Cardiovascular activation in Nordic walking is equivalent in intensity to that of a moderate pace jog. On the other hand, pumping the hands and lengthening the steps improve the circulation of blood in the body. Nordic walking thus contributes to strengthening the heart muscle and lowering blood pressure.

Strengthening bones

To grow strong, the bones need vibrations. The stick planters cause ideal vibrations to strengthen the bones, without weakening the joints. Nordic walking is therefore an excellent way to fight osteoporosis.

An exceptional health check thanks to the benefits of Nordic walking

As you will have understood, the benefits of Nordic walking for the body are innumerable. This practice contributes to the fight against hypercholesterolemia, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and hypertension. It improves the quality of life of people with asthma and rehabilitation patients. It maintains the joints and the muscular capital… This is the secret of the 9 million practitioners around the world. All these benefits for the body associated with a friendly atmosphere and immersion in nature. There is nothing to add… Join them.