How to recognize a baïne and react to this tearing current?

At rising and falling tides, an invisible danger awaits vacationers on the Atlantic coast. Baïnes are very common on our coast. Those rip currents so specific are unfortunately the cause of too many drownings. To enjoy the joys of the beach in complete safety, finally learn to recognize a baïne and to extricate yourself from this rip current.

QDid he ever happily swim out to sea, before turning around and finding that the coast was a lot farther out than he thought? If this danger exists everywhere, it is even more significant on the Atlantic coasts. The presence of deeper zones between two sandbanks indeed favors the formation of a rip current. The famous bay… This well-known phenomenon is very widespread on our coast. Swimmers, boaters and even surfers are unfortunately too often surprised.

Recognize a baïne

When a calm zone emerges between the breaking waves, distrust… This is precisely the sign that it exists a current of baïne in this location. In these deeper areas not conducive to waves, rip currents form. The absence of waves suggests to swimmers with little experience that the area is quieter for swimming. Quite the contrary ... The danger lies below the surface where rip currents can be particularly violent. To avoid baïnes, instead swim in areas where the waves break.

Recognize a current of baïne
Recognize a current of baïne

Respond to rip current

When you are caught in a current of baïne, the main mistake is to want to return to the beach by the shortest path, that is to say the straight line, and to swim directly against the current. Many swimmers are thus exhausted. Some even die by drowning in rip currents. Fighting against the current is ineffective and even dangerous. To get out of a rip current, there are two methods.

The first is to let yourself be carried away by the baïne until you get out of it naturally, before returning to the beach by swimming outside the current in the area indicated by the green arrows on the diagram. This method implies that the victim is a good swimmer and does not suffer from anxiety off the coast.

The second method consists of swim parallel to the beach to get out of the current. Once out of the baïne, the swimmer can head for the beach. It is then pushed by a favorable current and helped by the waves which bring it back to the shore.

Recognize a current of baïne
Knowing how to extract a current of baïne

If you can't get back to the beach, stay calm and try to get the attention of lifeguards or vacationers. They will eventually see you and come to your aid.