How to choose the right first camping-because ?

Choosing the right first camping-because implies knowing the different selection criteria. Here is a checklist so you don't forget any. It will help you avoid many pitfalls during your first purchase.

Do you thirst for freedom and escape? Do you like to go on a whim for a weekend or more? The call of camping-because it is becoming more and more urgent? If you are thinking of purchasing a leisure vehicle, be aware that choose your first camping- because requires time and thought. Before you start your research, ask yourself the right questions. To prevent the dream from turning into a nightmare, make sure you have taken the tour of the essentials.

Define your needs to choose the right one camping-because

It sounds obvious, but the first step is to take stock of your needs. Would you like to travel as a couple or as a family? The number of beds, but also the number of seats on the registration document, should be checked as a priority. Some vehicles indeed offer 6 beds, but only 5 places on the gray card. Are you going for short or long stays? Will you travel in complete autonomy or with nights in camping ? The level of equipment will indeed be different depending on your answers to these two questions. Will you go to hot or cold regions? For use in negative temperature, the “Winter use” level 2 standard is required. Will you need to transport a scooter, a motorbike, one or more bicycles? Once you have defined your needs, you will quickly see which of the main types of camping-car is made for you.

Know the different types to choose the right first camping-because

Know the four types of camping-because

Le camping-car Integral

Le camping- integral car offers a large living space. The passenger compartment and the driving cell are in the same bodied module. The panoramic windshield offers a clear view of the road and the landscape. Often high-end, the full is also the most expensive.

Le camping-car Profiled

Le camping-car profilé presents two distinct spaces. The driving cell is separated from the living space. Compact, it is ideal for a couple without children.

Le camping-car Capucine

Like the profile, the camping-car nasturtium has two separate spaces. But it has the particularity of offering a two-seater bed on the roof of the driving cell. The nasturtium is perfect for sleeping children. This kind of camping-because is therefore often the choice of families.

The converted van

For small budgets, the converted van offers a small bathroom, a kitchen and a double bed, in a very small space. It has the advantage of being easy to maneuver. Be careful not to confuse a van and a converted van. The latter does not have a bathroom.

You would have understood it, to choose your first one camping-because, you must first define the type of vehicle that corresponds to the size of your family and the desired level of comfort. Several brands deploy their creativity to satisfy their customers. Laïka, Bürstner, Challenger, Hymer, Rapido… But the limiting factor of your purchase will obviously be the budget. Before choosing your first camping-because, it is important to define it precisely. You will save time if your research matches your budget.

Tranquility of camping-because

Know the weight / power ratio of your future camping-because

When choosing your first camping-because, we could tend to target interior fittings. But the choice of the carrier and motorization are essential elements. It is therefore particularly relevant to always inquire about the engine and the weight / power ratio of the vehicle. If they are not satisfactory, go your way. The acceleration and the driving quality will be impaired too much. Several major brands have put their know-how at the service of leisure vehicles. You will have the choice between Fiat, Mercedes, Ford, Volkswagen or Peugeot…

Choose the interior design that suits you

Here again, the choice of interior design will depend on your family and your usage. If you are a digital nomad, or if you live in your camping- for several months in the year, the lounge area, the kitchen and the sanitary facilities must be spacious and comfortable. You will need plenty of storage space. For seasonal use, the layout could be more basic. In any case, you will have to choose between a French bed, a central bed, a transverse bed, or even the presence of twin beds… To gain in living space, some buyers even opt for the absence of a permanent bed. It involves moving your bed back every night. Finally, the bathroom can be compact or have separate toilet, shower and sink areas. You choose.

Interior fittings of a camping-because

Know the pitfalls of the second-hand market

At time choose your first camping-because, the second-hand market is a reassuring solution. The financial commitment is less. This leaves the opportunity to try before embarking on the acquisition of a new leisure vehicle, which would correspond to each of his desires. It is by living in a camping-car, that you will gradually understand what are the essential fittings and equipment for you. But buying a used vehicle carries risks. If the vehicle is over 15 or 20 years old, you will be forced to incur much higher maintenance costs. When choosing, pay attention to the mileage, the condition of the bodywork, but also the tightness of the camping-car and the dilapidated arrangements.

Final advice before choosing your first camping-because

Before embarking on a purchase, always remember to find out about the quality of after-sales service . Make the purchase near you, in order to easily recontact the seller in the event of a problem. On D-Day, don't indulge in an impulse buy. Choose a vehicle that can easily be resold. And opt for a reasonable financing, with if possible a contribution of 15 to 30%.

You will understand, the camping- because ideal does not exist. It all depends on your budget and your needs. To take stock and identify your essential criteria, treat yourself to a holiday in camping- rental car. Things will become much more concrete, and your choice will naturally refine. Some dealers even offer a week's rental to their customers, to help them define the equipment that is important to them.