Five ways to stay fit while in lockdown

Covid-19 is now present throughout France, and the big challenge now is to avoid contracting this airborne virus. Despite the boredom and sedentary lifestyle, the mode of order is confinement. But the goal now is to stay in shape during confinement.

Lhe pandemic is on everyone's mind and containment has become the rule. No more jogging or cycling ... The government said yesterday that it was no longer possible to go more than 500 meters from his home. Even nature walks are prohibited. Difficult to remain static for several weeks. We offer you some free alternatives to occupy your body and mind during those long days. So what to do to stay in shape while in confinement?

When thinking about fitness, exercise comes first to mind, but conserving energy also comes with healthy eating, restful sleep, and a busy mind with serene thoughts. Here are 5 ways to stay the course until you get back to normal.

Sport and virtual group confinement

The Facebook page Sals'Anima had the innovative idea of ​​offering each evening from 17:20 p.m. a sporting event on Facebook. The goal? Continue to practice sports in a group, while staying at home!

“Anyone who wants to motivate themselves and join this group is welcome. Confinement = Stop group sport? Not necessarily. We motivate ourselves in a group because we will have to occupy our time .. !! So here's the idea: we meet every day at 17 p.m. for 1 hour of sport all together on the FB group but everyone is physically at home. It motivates, it still keeps a link, and it occupies part of our day ... We share our ideas, our feelings, our jokes etc ... Come, move, laugh, share, you are welcome! Parents, children, alone,… ”

YouTube channels to stay in shape during confinement

There are hundreds of YouTube channels specializing in Fitness. Sports coaches, famous sports brands, specialized magazines, well-being sites ... From anonymous to celebrities, for weight loss, muscle building or sheathing, from zumba to yoga, there really is something for everyone . Come on, let's take out our best leggings and let's go!

Free apps

Here again, many opportunities are available to you to practice Fitness from your living room. Sworkit lite, 7 minutes, 30 days, Daily Yoga, Push Ups Workout… Let yourself be guided by the application and keep your body in good health thanks to these apps.

Run away from your fridge!

During those few days or weeks of isolation, the fridge may well become your worst enemy. So Rule N ° 1… You don't kill your boredom by going to open the fridge door or the cookie cupboard door… You have time. Take the opportunity to cook healthy food, make fruit salads and squeezed juices.


As we said in the introduction, health goes through the body but also through the mind. To keep your spirits high and morale high, there's nothing like playing. From the good old family card game to board games, take advantage of these timeless moments to rediscover the desire to play. Applications are also a good way to keep busy and to train your brain ... SimCity, Infinity Loop, Quick Brain, Elevate ... Take a look at your AppStore, you will find what you are looking for, and above all, do not let the coronavirus steal your spring fitness.