Containment: Christophe Bétard comes to the aid of isolated people

We knew Christophe Bétard from the Vosges for his performances in amateur mountain biking, and in particular his finest title, that of amateur world champion of XTerra mountain biking. But it is thanks to his solidarity commitment that Christophe Bétard is now talking about him.

Ithere are only a few me, Christophe Betard decided to democratize the practice of ebike. He therefore created the first Vosges mountain bike club with electric assistance, WATT. A new challenge for this inhabitant of Épinal! But he did not yet know that this challenge would hide another ... The coronavirus has entered France, forcing everyone to reduce their non-essential activities. It was therefore necessary to confine oneself to home in order to curb the contagion. An idea then germinated in the mind of the mountain biker, and it was finally a surge of solidarity that was born in order to best support the most isolated people in the Epinal region.

Christophe Bétard on the Vosges roads and paths

Christophe accompanied by his acolytes Herve Sapin of the Vosges et Gael Anger, therefore left on the Vosges roads and paths on their ebikes in order to supplying lonely and often elderly people, basic necessities such as food and medicine. The 3 volunteers respect all barrier gestures and take no risk for themselves or for the people delivered.

Call for volunteers!

From now on, Christophe calls on volunteers from La Roche-sur-Yon, Pas-de-Calais, Dordogne, Dôle in the Doubs), in order to offer the same type of services to the populations, "while being vigilant. and sensitive to the rules of protection, without forgetting to take care of yourself ”.

Christophe Bétard's initiative was very well received and the calls have multiplied, so much so that many media have relayed his action. Asked by Le Figaro, he declares, "We are athletic, we are in good health and we want to help people in need".

Interviewed by Francetv Sport, it also testifies to its actions in favor of the nursing staff. One of the volunteers "leaves the care equipment in front of the houses, this facilitates the work and saves time for the nurses who come to provide care every day to the grandparents of our home". They also offer the possibility for nursing staff to order a meal via the open telephone line. The channel has also devoted a report to this solidarity action. Find out By clicking on this link.