This summer, get away from it all locally and intensely!

The message of deconfinement is clear. Non-essential travel is now prohibited beyond 100 kilometers from home. But in France, we have a great privilege. We all live within 100 kilometers of exceptional cultural and natural sites! This summer, get away from it all locally and intensely!

En this period of deconfinement, the new measure is well understood, but it does not prevent escape. On the contrary, you will rediscover your beautiful region! And this year, good news, get away from it all! You will not endure endless journeys. You will arrive at your vacation spot in less than an hour, perfectly fresh, rested and ready to go on an adventure. This summer, make this new constraint an asset for a successful vacation, and let yourself be surprised by your immediate surroundings. You will not be disappointed !

A variety of leisure activities and sports available throughout France

On foot, by bike, on the water ... These are slow holidays in the heart of nature what you need the most. And anything is possible. On the sport side, hiking, Nordic walking, greenways by bike or outdoor sports such as petanque, tennis or golf await you. The French coasts and massifs are accessible to all and offer a variety of climates, reliefs and landscapes that sports enthusiasts will never tire of discovering. As for activities, opt for visit goat farm, lighthouse or farm with the children. To learn new things, let yourself be seduced by the small village museums or sign up for workshops market gardening, oenology, traditional trades, dance, music or DIY. There is so much to discover around you.

Vacances en famille

Preserved natural sites accessible from the 10 largest cities in France

In mainland France, eight national natural parks await you, as well as 53 magnificent regional parks. You necessarily live close to one of them. If you live in Paris, you will find four regional natural parks within a radius of 100 kilometers. From Lille, the Opal Coast, the Marine Natural Park of Estuaries or the Regional Park of Caps await you. From Nantes, you can go to the Pays de la Loire or to the regional parks of Gulf of Morbihan or Briere. Bordeaux residents will have access to the ocean and the Médoc regional parks or in the country.


If you are from Strasbourg, you will rediscover the regional parks of the Northern Vosges and Balloon of the Vosges. From Lyon, four Regional Parks are accessible: Les Bauges, Chartreuse, Livradois-Forez, and the Monts d'Ardèche… From Toulouse, the regional natural parks of Ariège Pyrenees and Haut Languedoc are available to you. For the people of Nice, the discovery will be made in the Mercantour, the Verdon, in Port-Cros or in the French Alps. Montpellier residents are among the luckiest with five regional parks: La Camargue, the Cevennes, the Grands Causses, Haut Languedoc and Narbonnaise in the Mediterranean. But the record goes to the Marseille region with six parks such as Port-Cros, the Sainte Baume, the Verdon, the Calanques, the Lubéron and the Camargue!

A valued historical heritage

Since prehistoric times, man has left traces of his passage through our territory. Every village, every town in France can be proud of a rich historical and cultural heritage. From villages on the Mediterranean coast to hilltop villages in the Alps, from Cévennes sheepfolds to fishing villages on the Atlantic coast, from sumptuous cathedrals to small isolated chapels in the countryside, from the slate roofs of the Loire to half-timbered houses of Alsace. Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance or the Industrial Revolution ... Not far from home, you have the opportunity to admire buildings from all eras, or to discover little-known traditions.


This year, escape locally! Your adventures will be French but they will be rich, intense and exotic. You will come back perfectly revitalized, with wonderful memories in your head and who knows, you may take a liking to the trend of the micro-adventure around home!