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Le Lustou – Camping, Mobil-homes, Gîte de Groupe

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Occitania Hautes-Pyrénées OLD AURE
  • In the heart of the Pyrenees, an ideal address for mountain and nature enthusiasts
  • Un camping open all year, family friendly and committed to sustainable tourism

During your stay in the Hautes Pyrénées, you will rub shoulders with summits of nature, peace and regenerating beauty. 

A 5 minutes Saint-Lary-Soulan, and close to the Louron Valley, Vielle Aure is a village that takes you to the XNUMXthrd century of the Romanesque Chapel, Saint Peter of Agos, witness of the Order of Hospitallers, founded in Jerusalem in the XIrd century. It is also the Saint Barthélémy Chapel, listed as a Historic Monument, whose apse is a moving achievement by the best builders. Go in search of the symbols of the city's golden coat of arms, doggy style held by an azure leash. The harshness of the valley preserved it from the industrial "follies" of the XNUMXth century.rd century. Its autonomy comes from its privilege of being on a pilgrim route to Saint Jacques de Compostela. Its pastoral and agricultural economy gave birth to an independent trade, focused on trade with Spain. (Nowadays you get there through the Bielsa Tunnel). In XXrd century, major projects have modified the region, by hydroelectric dams and then spas or, and, ski. Very close to St Lary, this sport is illustrated thanks to the great Mir family. Vincent Mir, keystone in the history of the valley for 47 years, and Isabelle, silver medal at the Grenoble Olympics in 1968, are some great figures thanks to which you can ski, skate, swim, take the countless trails of hiking. Saint Lary is also a Thermo Ludique Center, whose sodium sulphide waters will be appreciated for their curative help in rheumatology, respiratory tracts, as well as in relaxation and getting back in shape. You will be surprised during your wanderings by the quantity of chapels or churches, whose medieval paintings or baroque altars, have been preserved thanks to this late isolation, which keeps religious wars or the dramas of the revolution at bay.  

You come to seek peace. You will find it. 

It is also a principle at camping the Lustou, and the owners do their best to illustrate it in this welcoming place for athletes, contemplatives and vacationers. Hikers, well shod, you will follow the path that connects the 2 parts of Old-Aure, what crosses the GR 10. You will take the Ardoisière walk or enjoy a night visit on August 2, 2021. Information at the Tourist Offices. As for the experts, they will prepare for the Grand Raid of the Pyrenees, Tower of Néouvielle August 20. The immensity of the mountains offers great hikes, which will allow you to join the series of peaks that surround you: Pichaley 2626 m, Portarras 2697 m, Bastan 2718 m, Courtade 2724 m, Aygues-Cluses 2620 m. The advice and guides to the TO will take you from streams to streams, then to lakes. You will be able to bivouac, provided you raise the tent for 9 a.m., in accordance with the rules of experienced mountain dwellers, who do not neglect the transport of water, picnic and compass, nor to provide a small garbage bag. . 5 hikes between the powerful Cirque de Gavarni and that of Troumouse call out to you? A tip: Register on the site  all trails, and discover the hikes near the camping ! In addition to your card in your pocket, download the sheets. You will choose that of Pic du Piméné, Mont Perdu, Brèche de Roland or Estaubé, and discover panoramas that will leave you speechless. You will take your time at the circuses of Gavarni and Troumouse… Silence. The one that will allow you to see vultures on the cliffs of Cazaux, and perhaps chamois. 

Rediscover the instinct to listen. 

Capture the whistle of worried groundhogs. Don't forget your binoculars! You cross various environments, limestone lakes, schists, stony alluvium. So the flora is rich, often dwarf: columbines, asphodels, Pyrenean ramonde, willows, irises, carnations, orchis, thistles. Know that the Cirque de Gavarni waterfall being the highest in Europe, it alone is worth a great moment of respect and admiration. May your artistic soul do not deprive itself of photos and sketches!

If you are fans of the cycling effort, you are not here by chance! 

You have a good physical condition. Well done ! Many circuits are deployed and to be prepared with care: that of Sainte Marie de Campan at the Col d'Aspin for example. Experts will not hesitate to attack the famous and mythical Col Tourmalet from Sainte Marie de Campan or Vignec. The Col d'Aspin from St Lary, or that of Portel. A little less difficult but very respectable, are the Coulée Verte Argelès Lourdes from Saint Savin (28 km), Col de Saoucède from Bagnères de Bigorre (24 km) and the Chemins des Palombes or des Alouettes (24.4 km and 25 km). And to train before any sporting endeavor, try the B-Board which will make you work muscles, joints, balance and self-control. This new discipline can be approached all year round in St Lary.

For thrill seekers, you will also be keen to try kayaking, rafting, hydrospeed, white water swimming. 

La Neste d'Aure is an ideal place where qualified instructors will welcome you with recent equipment to supervise small staff. Magnificent executives, good humor and mastery of assured pros. Conversely, for lovers of the depths, you will immerse yourself in the freshness of the rock crystal of the Gouffre d'Esparros, in the sumptuous valley of the Baronnies, a small limestone region of Piedmont in the Central Pyrenees. You will dive into the eternal heritage of the bowels of the earth. It would be, why not, a restful stage between 2 sporting stages. Your youngsters will love to brush up against caving and all of you will marvel at the secret depths of the earth, as at the spectacular soaring sunny peaks that surround you. The Agos Leisure Center, very close to the camping The Lustou, is also an appreciable "break", for walking, or even for fishing. Take an interest in the trails of the Néouvielle Nature Reserve : 2313 hectares between 1800 and 3091 m, which you can cover from refuge to refuge. You will visit La Maison du Parc National de la Vallée d'Aure in St Lary. It is the beautiful space of the Hachan Tower that will introduce you to the flora, fauna and biodiversity of this valley, where a warmer and drier microclimate allows the Hook Pines to reach a great age, where rhododendrons grow and installs a mosaic of natural habitats.

Don't forget that you are on the Route des Lacs!

Cap-de-Long, Orédon, Aubert and Aumar, Oule. Some, such as Génos-Loudenvielle Lake, are open to walkers, but also to fishermen and navigation. An Adventure course will intrigue young and old. It's a good break if you're tired of swallowing miles on your bike. Another nice parenthesis will be the time given to the horse. If you are a rider, contact the nearby centers (Cascarra Olivier, Manège Enfantin, Ferme équestre l'Alezane). Do you love animals? So the spectacle of birds of prey, their evolution in harmony with their master, is always food for thought and admiration. Let yourself be tempted by "Les Aigles d'Aure" in Arreau, their quiet strength is spectacular. A suspended course from Moudang to Aragnouet, offers 3 levels in the gorges of its natural site, not to mention the Via Ferrata, 35 workshops around zip lines and monkey bridges. You will find a great team attentive to your exciting, but mastered acrobatics. Climbing and even mountaineering are possible from La Grande Fache. Be careful, this is not the Sunday walk! 3000 m require you some preparation and a long preliminary approach. And if you like altitude, Japanese saber courses, a great traditional art, are organized by a Master from Vielle Aure.

The Hautes Pyrénées, are lands of sport, panoramas, miracles of light.

What about the taste? The good taste of the land? Curious about oenology, you will not be left out. The AOC Madiran, qualified since François 1er, of "Vins des Seigneurs" will seduce you with their velvety power. Pacherenc AOC, juggle between dry and soft, and are to be discovered. You will take the time to stroll through the farmers' markets. (There is a tradeshow on August 22 in Loudenvielle). The cheeses are well represented and a few visits are possible at the end of the day, after the milking, around 18 p.m .: Chèvrerie le Pitou, Val Riant cheese factories, or Du Diable, de Mont also. You will taste the famous Black Pig of Bigorre, with ducks, veal or Estive beef from Maison Coustalat. The Cider Nectar from the Cidrerie D'Ancizan is easy to drink and the Cider house museum you will realize, if necessary, the interaction between flora, fauna and human intervention. Magic! In the markets, the know-how is also revealed in the surprisingly aesthetic Cakes a la Broche, great symbols of the region, in the Garbure, hams and mountain sausages, the Padenade, or the Massacanat. You will appreciate the gold of honey and bee products. Go to Apiary of Malou. Candles have a life that quickly melted commercial candles made you forget! Also discover, the Hadets soap factory, which combines know-how, natural products, including essential oils, demonstrations, for (dixit) "nature lovers". You are, do not doubt it!

And in the evening, at camping The Lustou de Vielle Aure, you will be happy to take advantage of the advice of your hosts Francis André and his family, to share your findings, and to nibble on a P'Tit d'Ens, or a tasty Gouaux goat, thinking: "Carpe Diem".

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