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Camping Via Romana

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Halfway between Bonifacio and Bastia, Eastern Corsica is an essential crossroads for exploring Corsica. Between sea and mountain, the Camping Via Romana is ideally located to visit the region and enjoy its incomparable charms.


The diversity of the landscapes makes the charm of these perched villages, which knew how to preserve their authenticity. 

  • Prunelli di Fium'Orbu
    This village, located on a promontory, enjoys a panoramic view of the Fium'Orbu as well as the plain of Aleria, its ponds and the sea. Don't miss a visit to the Mnemosina Museum. It tells the story of Fium'Orbu.
  • Ania di Fium'Orbu
    This hamlet of Serra di Fium'Orbu is landlocked and surrounded by maquis and greenery. During your visit, also take the time to explore the Circinellu cave. A former prehistoric habitat, the cave and its maze of rocky corridors also served as the last retreat for the parish priest of Guagnu, Dominique Leca, known as Circinellu.
  • Serra di Fium'Orbu
    This village is the pillar of the ancient history of Fium'Orbu. You will fall under the charm of the beauty of its wild and preserved landscapes. Right in the heart of the green region of Fium'Orbu, you will see Quercione beach, with its emerald-coloured water. 

Pleasures of the sea

30 kilometers of white sand await you on the eastern coast of Corsica. Between fragrant pine forests, beech forests and translucent water, your vacation will be idyllic. Among the beaches on the coast, stop at Quercioni beach, in the municipality of Serra di Fium'Orbu. This beautiful sandy beach is bordered by small dunes for several kilometres. The nickname Cow Beach is given to it by the inhabitants of the region. Cattle from the surrounding fields go there indeed. A small local curiosity, the wreck of the Niagara is a trawler that was shipwrecked in the 70s. It is now visited by divers. For sea lovers, the region also offers other magnificent diving spots.

Natural heritage

Many beautiful natural sites are located near the camping. Do not hesitate to ask for advice at the reception of the camping.

  • The deer enclosure, in the hamlet of Ania
    Deer are of Sardinian origin. They were then introduced into a wild natural environment favorable to their establishment.
  • The Acquacitosa
    This source of ferruginous sparkling water is a local treasure. You will find a beautiful fitness trail nearby.
  • The Bughja waterfall
    This impressive waterfall of almost 100 meters high is a must.

Cultural heritage

Between tradition and modernity, come and discover the cultural and architectural heritage of the Fium'Orbu region.

  • The Via Romana
    On this Roman road traced in the Ier century, vestiges are still present.
  • The old port of Calzarellu
    This former port quay at the foot of the Calzarellu tower is still partially visible today. The port was used in Roman times to load the wheat grown in Migliacciaru. It was then taken to Ostia, the port of Rome.
  • Covasina Castle
    In a bucolic landscape, the view is breathtaking over the plain from this site. The ruins of this Carolingian castle testify to the rich past of the region. Dominating the thick surrounding maquis, you will indeed see the ruins of the houses of the XVe in the XVIIe centuries. 
  • Saint Michael's Church
    The interior of this building will leave you speechless. It is indeed covered with neo-Byzantine frescoes, created by the Greek artist Giannakakis, official painter to the Patriarch of Constantinople. The walls thus tell the main scenes of the Gospel thanks to the power of its graphics and its colors.

If you want more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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