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Camping Val de Trie

For walks with your feet in the water

Le camping Val de Trie invites you to discover the Baie de Somme, listed as a World Heritage Site for the beauty of its landscapes, its flora and fauna. It is ranked among the most beautiful bays in the world thanks to the exceptional diversity of its environment, but is also the largest estuary in France with an area of ​​7.200 hectares. The bay is also the favorite area for migrating birds. In the Marquenterre park, in the heart of the bay, you can observe more than 300 species of birds in unique and diverse biotopes.

The beaches

The beaches of the Picardy coast offer you an infinite number of variations: cliffs, pebbles, sand or dunes, there is something for everyone!

For walks with your feet in the water on beautiful sandy beaches, family sandcastle competitions, sailing sports or fishing trips depending on the tides, head to Crotoy beach or Quend Plage. At the meeting point of the two bays of Somme and Authie, the enchanting natural setting of Fort Mahon, its beach and its sand dunes with a specific biotope, will be perfect for families. Do not hesitate to take the eco beach path between Fort-Mahon and Quend, for a breathtaking sea view!

Are you more of a pebble? No problem ! The beaches of Cayeux and Bois de Cise, between the cliffs of Normandy, await you for an impressive landscape! At 80 meters high, the cliffs of Normandy will leave you speechless!

A mixture of the two? Opt for the beach of Mers les Bains, a pebble beach that reveals itself for sand at low tide. 

Le Crotoy, the south of the Baie de Somme

In the XVIIst century, Le Crotoy was one of the most important fishing ports in the Channel. Today, fishing is dying out due to the silting up of the bay and has given way, since 1846, to a seaside resort. As a result, it retains the old-fashioned charm of a small fishing port with a few fishermen on foot. In addition, the large sandy beach of Crotoy is the only beach in the north of France facing south. The seaside resort owes its fame to the perfumer Pierre Guerlain. Very enamored of Crotoy and the Bay of Somme, he opened his hotel in 1860 to his Parisian friends. 


To discover a natural spectacle of great beauty, find out about the tide schedules and set off to discover this incredible phenomenon!

The low tide allows you to discover an infinite space, where the sky merges with the elements. At high tide, the sea rages on the dikes, invades the salt meadows usually occupied by sheep ... With an amplitude of 10 meters high, during the spring and autumn equinoxes, they make it possible to realize the riches well hidden from shore fishing.

In addition, the Bay of Somme is the place with the highest coefficients in the entire Channel. So enjoy this show that has been talked about so much for centuries just 15 minutes from our camping.

The cliffs

South of the Bay of Somme, set off for Ault, where the cliffs of Seine-Maritime begin in the Somme. This unique panorama is located just 20 minutes from our camping. Finally, a nature guide can present to you the fauna and flora of this endogenous biotope. At 3 km, get lost in the valley of the Bois de Cise. There time has let go and you will enjoy a stroll between the 1900 villas of the Belle Epoque. In short, it is a forest located between two cliff faces. In addition, you can take advantage of the beach to improvise a Cise Ault wood treasure hunt : there are fossilized sea urchins!

Discover the Baie de Somme in a different way, aboard its little train, the ideal ride for railway enthusiasts! Embark on board an authentic means of transport and take advantage of offers combined with the boat, the bicycle, the hike, to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the bay. More information on chemindefer-baiedesomme.fr.

Historical and cultural heritage

The Baie de Somme has an incredible historical and cultural heritage! For example, the Notre-Dame d'Amiens cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located just 1 hour from our camping.

  • Amiens, the cathedral in color. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the 800-year-old Amiens cathedral is the largest in France. Its statuary is impressive: 750 statues will observe you! Every year for 15 years, in summer and then in winter, Notre-Dame d'Amiens Cathedral is adorned with its medieval colors at nightfall. In the Middle Ages, the carved decoration of the portals was painted in bright, vibrant colors. Over time, the stone lost its colors. Today, this ephemeral polychromy, produced by Skertzò, offers us a new perception of medieval architecture thanks to new technologies. Thus, a show of restitution of the original polychromy of the facades was born. This show is given free of charge every year at the end of the year and during the summer period. For a moment, the statues regain their medieval colors thanks to light projections. This is a 40-minute, free show located in the square in front of the cathedral, every evening at 19 p.m. A breathtaking scenography! Information on cathedrale-amiens.fr 

    At the foot of the cathedral, the Saint Leu district is an invitation to stroll through the medieval alleys of Amiens. You can hunt along the canals, take a horse-drawn carriage ride and eat in a brasserie on the banks of the Somme.
  • Cistercian Abbey of Valloires. Founded in 1137 following the rule of the monks of Cîteaux by the counts of Ponthieu, it was rebuilt during the 17th and 18th century in a baroque style. The architecture of the church is nevertheless more sober and simple. Visit the only complete 18th-century Cistercian abbey in France. Installed on 8 hectares, the gardens were designed by Gilles Clément. In addition, there are more than 5000 species of plants, shrubs and trees. More information on abbey-valloires.com 
  • Chateau de Regnières L'Ecluse. For nearly 10 centuries, the romantic castle of Regnières l'Ecluse has been maintained by the same family. In 1030, he passed from the Abbey of Saint-Riquier to the Tyrel de Poix family, ancestors of the current descendant occupying the place. The estate is located between the Bay of Somme and the forest of Crecy-en-Ponthieu. In 1842, Herman d'Hinnisdal created a French-style landscaped estate of 1100 hectares. Thus, he transformed the old castle into a "troubadour Gothic" style residence. Finally, Raymond de Nicolay transferred his castle to the Conservatoire du littoral in 2007. Discover the furnished rooms of the castle in its inimitable style. Take advantage of this castle by visiting its places open to all for free. Find information on regniereecluse.wordpress.com 
  • Medieval castle of Rambures. A fine example of military architecture during the Hundred Years War. Imagine yourself as a knight in the medieval castle of Rambures! In XIst century, appear the first lords of Rambures, they install their fortress in the heart of Vimeu on the Norman border. As you browse the furnished rooms on a guided tour, take a trip back in time 700 years, and delve into the history of the family who have owned the castle since its construction. Discover the gardens of the castle, a beautiful area of ​​15 hectares, labeled a remarkable garden since 2006. In the XNUMXth centuryst century, the fortress is transformed into a family home, and the park has a rose garden and becomes a beautiful romantic space in the era of time. More information on  chateaufort-ramroits.com
  • Medieval port of Saint Valery sur Somme. Saint Valéry sur Somme owes its name to the monk evangelizer of Picardy. The creation of the abbey was financed by the King of France in 627. This abbey has a strong influence thanks to the support of the kings of France before undergoing Viking raids in the IXe century and gradually dying out. In 1554, Henri II created an admiralty headquarters in St Valéry, which became a port through which exotic foodstuffs passed. In the XVIIIst century, maritime trade flourished, the port had, with Calais, the monopoly of English cloths. The richness of the port will give rise to a fortified city, with incomparable charm with its small cobbled and flowered alleys and its herbarium, its small medieval garden with medicinal plants in the hollow of its ramparts. Do not miss strolling through the alleys of Saint-Valery and admiring the estuary of the Bay of Somme. Perhaps you will come across one of its many seals!

To prepare your holidays in the Bay of Somme with confidence, go to the website of our partner SportRIZER, and you can book the sports around camping ! If you would like more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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